Walking and Hiking Travels – Episode 175 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I have lofty (but hopeful can-come-true) dreams of doing lots of walking trips in future years – the nearly-cliched Camino de Santiago, for example, and some of the amazing walks available here in Western Australia. Generally, walking and hiking travels need more time, and not a young child – though my son is now probably more than capable of keeping up with me, perhaps vice versa is almost the problem!

In Episode 175 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I get to chat to three travellers who’ve done some interesting and varied walks – and two of them have even turned their experiences into a book. Whether you’re more an armchair hiker or would like to get out there and literally follow in their footsteps, I hope you enjoy the episode!

Show notes: Episode 175 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Walking and Hiking Travels

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to head out for days or even months and just keep walking, Episode 175 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast will give you many insights into hiking and walking experiences on your travels.

I start off speaking with Laura Waters, who spent five months tramping from the top of New Zealand to the bottom. As you can imagine this is no easy feat at all (but there is a bonus to it all involving chocolate!).

Next, Suzanne Moore describes a much shorter hike in Japan, and an experience that made us both laugh. Suzy will be back in a future episode describing a longer hike she did in south-west Australia – but this climb at Mt Yote is such a fun story!

Finally, I chat to Rick Antonson who agreed – without even knowing where it was or anything about it – to walk the Kokoda Track with his neighbour. This was also not a simple trip but like nearly any trip that requires a lot of effort, it was incredibly rewarding.


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