Hiking When You Travel – Episode 124 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I love the idea of hiking, and want to do more of it in the future, but so far I haven’t got to tackle too many of the world’s famous hikes. I have, however, climbed up Mt Fuji, and I tell the somewhat embarrassing story of how that went in the introduction to this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast … let’s just summarise it by saying it involves getting lost.

Here in Australia there are ample opportunities to go hiking in the bush and I know when I get down to my Dad’s block and go walking there I often wish we could keep going for hours! I often walk for hours and hours in a city when I’m travelling, and just need to make the opportunity to do it in scenic places too.

In any case, this episode is all about people who love to walk: in America, in Africa, in Europe – there are amazing places to go hiking pretty much wherever you travel and my guests in this episode have been to some of the best – enjoy!

Show notes: Episode 124 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Hiking When You Travel

You know I love slow travel and if you’re travelling on foot that’s one of the slowest forms of travel there is – hence my love for the topic of hiking, which is what this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is all about!

I start off the episode talking with highly experienced hiker Greg Seymour, who has through-hiked the Appalachian Trail (amongst other hiking experiences) and we chat about some of the wonderful benefits of being out there in nature.

Next I talk with Eva Westerling who, despite considering herself something of a non-hiker when she was younger, has gone on to do some amazing hikes on her travels, particularly in Morocco and Oman.

Lasty I chat with Talon Windwalker about his hiking experiences with his daughter both in the United States and in Europe, and how you don’t have to be out in the vast wilderness to experience benefits from going for a hike.


Hiking when you travel - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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