Amanda-AboutI’m Amanda Kendle. I’m “Not A Ballerina”, but a traveller and a thinker, and I love to write about my travel experiences in a way that is both fun and meaningful.
Not A Ballerina: A Traveller and a Thinker is a travel blog which nudges those who think they might like to travel somewhere to get up and go. Seeing the world can change your world, whether you’re a kid learning how different cultures work or an adult learning how life works. I’m on a mission to encourage everyone to get the same benefits from travelling that I’ve had from childhood trips through to living and working on three continents. If you ask me why you should travel, I’ve got a billion reasons and I won’t stop listing them until you book a flight.

The Not A Ballerina blog started in 2005 as a way to share my publications in print and online travel magazines with family and friends, but it’s evolved far beyond that and now it’s a place where I hope fellow travellers – armchair ones included – can think about why travel is important and what it can teach us.

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How I started travelling

My parents got me into travelling young – our first big trip was spending six months in Europe when I was nine. I spent a good part of my twenties living overseas in JapanSlovakia and Germany before returning to my hometown of Perth, Western Australia, with my German husband. I’ve visited forty countries so far, and have no intention of ever stopping travelling. I love nothing more than breathing in the air of new places (even if it’s utterly polluted – although I may not choose to live there then), meeting new people, hearing new languages and discovering new cultural quirks. And I love telling everyone else about it, too, through my writing.

Why “Not A Ballerina”?

You may well ask, why “Not A Ballerina”? I started this blog back in June 2005, and when I was pondering a title, I remembered my writing roots:

A family legend tells my lifelong dream was to be a writer. The story takes place in my grandparents’ living room in south-west Australia. While watching a three-year-old me dance around in front of the TV, my grandmother claims to have remarked, “You could be a ballerina when you grow up.” I stopped dancing and looked seriously at my grandmother. “No!” I answered, verging on tears. “I’m going to be a writer.”

So “Not A Ballerina” seemed like a very clever title, until, of course, I started getting a lot of people landing on this blog because they had searched for information about ballerinas. Google is not very good at seeing the “Not”. But being a pretty sentimental lass, I couldn’t part with it.

New to Not A Ballerina?

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