A sentimental tour of Warsaw, Poland

You know a city's a good one when you see it in terrible weather and still love it. Warsaw fits that bill for me, although I definitely want to return some day and have a whole lot more sunshine. Warsaw, Poland, back in 2003 Fourteen summers ago (ouch I feel old!), I was backpacking from Russia to … [Read more...]

13 suburbs of Perth to explore when you visit Western Australia

When we who call Perth home mention Perth, we mean far more than the city centre. For us, Perth is a vast sprawling city, now home to over two million people, and because of our love of living near the coast, it stretches more than 100km from north to south and it covers an area equivalent to well … [Read more...]

Life-Changing Travel – Episode 55 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel can change our lives in so many ways. Yes, it's really that important! This episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is one of my new favourites already, because I love the stories my three guests tell about how travel changes lives. Interestingly, my first two guests spoke about how the … [Read more...]

Benefits of Travelling with Kids – Episode 54 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

You have probably heard me rant before about my (many, many) answers to the question - "why travel with kids if they won't remember it?" I won't rehash that now but suffice to say, I strongly believe there about a gazillion benefits of travelling with kids and most of them apply whether they … [Read more...]

Five outdoorsy places to enjoy in Vancouver, Canada

About fifteen years ago, I spent a few days in Vancouver, and loved it. I was living in suburban Osaka at the time, so the contrast to outdoorsy, fresh air Vancouver was pretty strong. Even if my trip did start off a bit dodgy (more on that below)*. What struck me the most was that Vancouver … [Read more...]

Travel with Disability and Chronic Illness – Episode 53 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I always despair when I hear people talk about their desire to travel but then follow up with some excuse about why they decided not to - usually a decision related to money or fear or a kind of manufactured excuse not to reach outside their comfort zone. That's why I love this episode of The … [Read more...]

What I’ll eat next time I’m in Iceland …

On my first visit to Iceland in 2015 I really didn't know much about Icelandic cuisine: the only food I was particularly curious about was the Icelandic hot dogs I kept hearing about. But my obsession with all things Iceland has meant that ever since I returned from my Iceland trip, I can't stop … [Read more...]

How Travel Sparks Creativity – Episode 52 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Do you feel more creative when you travel? I often feel a real spark of creativity when I'm travelling and wondered if I was alone - according to the guests I speak to for this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I definitely am not! I often come home with long lists of ideas: blog post ideas, … [Read more...]

Reverse Culture Shock – Episode 51 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

If you've experienced reverse culture shock before, you'll completely empathise with my guests today. If you haven't, you might think it's a sadness experienced by very lucky people who should get over themselves. I promise, having experienced it myself, it's not that simple. Yes, we're very … [Read more...]

Travel journals, photo books, story maps and more travel memory makers

When you travel the world, how do you remember the experiences you have? I was chatting with some fellow bloggers about this recently and these conversations reminded me just how many variations on a travel journal there are. Gone are the days when a simple handwritten travel diary was the only … [Read more...]