The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 21 – Pros and Cons of the Internet for Travellers

Life without the internet – now that we’ve experienced it – would be a weird kind of life. You wouldn’t read this blog or listen to this podcast, among other things (and that would be tragic, right?).

But the internet is not all rainbows and kittens, and having everything available so easily is not always the optimal way to live either – and it has certainly changed a lot of things about the way we travel. Since I added the topic of the internet and travel to the possibilities that guests on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast might choose to chat to me about, so many people have told me their tales – both positive and negative – of what the internet means to travellers. There’ll be another episode beyond this one on this topic, for sure.

Show notes for Episode 21 – Pros and Cons of the Internet for Travellers

Episode 21 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is all about the internet. What did we do without it? On the surface, the advent of the internet can surely only be a huge bonus for travellers, right? We can research, book and communicate with so much ease.

But as all of today’s guests point out, there are definitely both pros and cons of the internet for travellers. This whole discussion started when I was chatting to Leyla of Women on the Road, when she reminisced about the “old school” way of getting information about the safety of countries back long before the internet.

I also spoke to Jeremy and Katie Kloberdanz of The Life Bohemian. They are indeed living a pretty Bohemian life, working online as they travel the world, but it’s not always all that digital nomad life is cracked up to be.

Finally, I spoke to Tom Parson aka The Lego Backpacker and he had some really interesting comments about hostel life since the internet and mobile devices started to be everyday items.


Episode 21 - Pros and Cons of the Internet for Travellers - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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