Life Lessons from Travel – Episode 174 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I sometimes ponder just how my life would be different in the absence of all the interesting lessons travelling and living abroad has taught me. It’s unimaginable, really, to think of all the decisions I’ve made and the parts of my personality which have developed as a consequence of my travel experiences – before even imagining life without my travel blog and podcast!

I bet many of you feel just the same, and I’m sure you’ll relate to the many and varied lessons from travel that come up in this episode. Enjoy!

Show notes: Episode 174 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Life Lessons from Travel

Travelling teaches us a lot – there’s nothing like having a big range of different inputs in a short time to wake up your brain! Episode 174 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast includes chats with three travellers who’ve learnt some solid life lessons during their travels.

I start off by chatting with Nicci O’Mara about a sad but important life-changing moment that happened to her in Africa a couple of decades ago. We talk about how important it is to grab life by the horns and not put off things we really want to do.

Next, I talk with Eugene Devereux about his recent experiences exploring south-east Asia, an area very different to his homeland of Ireland. He explains that he learnt a lot of life lessons by experiencing such different cultures and coming to understand their history, too.

Finally I chat with Kate Manser about a lesson she learnt about hospitality while she was travelling in remote Indonesia. We also circle back to something similar to Nicci’s lesson and discuss why you should jump at any travel opportunity that is presented to you!


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