When Travelling is Your Job – Episode 176 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I have been on the receiving end of this kind of thing myself: when people hear I’m travelling for a conference or for a media trip, they understandably say “oh, you’re so lucky,” or “enjoy your holiday!”, and of course, when travelling is your job, there are amazing things you get to do, but it’s still work and it’s not always easy.

Because of that I was inspired to put together an episode about just this issue! Of course, every one of my guests is grateful for the amazing travel opportunities they have – but at the same time, I know they’ve worked hard to achieve them, and that there are just as many cons as there are pros. And I think this makes for an interesting episode – enjoy!

Show notes: Episode 176 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

When Travelling is Your Job

We sometimes see people doing glamorous jobs and travelling the world and think: wow, they have a great life! It’s those kind of people who are in Episode 176 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: I have a travel journalist, a guidebook writer and a guitarist who have all had the opportunity to travel widely and for long periods of time as part of their work.

All of them are grateful for the travel and work they’ve been able to do, but there are definitely pros and cons to these kinds of careers. First up, I talk to Anna Chittenden who is a guidebook writer, travelling extensively throughout Asia. I’m a little envious of her in-depth experience of Japan, but it is definitely not a glamorous lifestyle.

Next, I chat with Christine Retschlag, a travel journalist who darts around the globe with barely a break. We discuss that while much of this is a lot of fun there are some significantly difficult parts too.

Finally, I speak with Kiki Wong who spent some years touring the world with her band Nylon Pink. We chat about two very different experiences of tours, and although Kiki says it’s always worth it, there are definitely some tough moments.



  1. Lalla Stewart says

    As the partner of a career traveller, spanning two decades so far, this has been a topic of huge interest. All of your guests reiterate exactly the sentiments that are expressed each trip.

    The travel stories shared are wonderful but the missed birthdays and events are not. The experiences and connections made sound incredible but the loneliness is something that as loving partner, is hard for me to hear down a distant phone line. The group conferences overseas look fun but not ever joining an ongoing sport team can get a person down.

    Every job has highs and lows. Every industry has upsides and downsides. The job of an eternal traveller is perhaps one that has the ongoing extremes of both. It’s not for everyone but for some, this is the drive that keeps as the self proclaimed ‘road warriors’ on the road.

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