The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 7 – Unexpected Travel Friends (and Monks on Facebook)

If you were to scroll through my list of Facebook friends, you’ll find people of all different nationalities. Quite a lot of them are people I’ve taught English to over the years, but some of them are much more random – just people I’ve met on my travels, people I’ve struck up a friendship with in unusual ways and managed to stay in touch with. I really love those kind of relationships!

Over chatting with other travel lovers for The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I’ve discovered I’m not alone in this and that making unexpected travel friends is a joy of travel shared by many others. I particularly love the story in this week’s episode about how Bethaney met a monk in Myanmar – but I’m not telling you more than that, you have to have a listen yourself!

Show notes for Episode 7 – Unexpected Travel Friends (and Monks on Facebook)

Episode 7 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is all about making unexpected friendships when you travel. Getting to know local people is one of my favourite parts of travelling, and my two guests have had some great experiences doing just that in various parts of the world.

First up is Bethaney Davies from Flashpacker Family, who has two really interesting stories to tell about friendships she established with local people in Vietnam and Myanmar. Her tale of meeting the monk in Myanmar (who, yes, is on Facebook) is one of my favourite stories ever!

My second guest is Jeff Sandquist of the Intentionally Wandering podcast. He tells of how his experiences couchsurfing on his solo road trip around the United States helped him make two new friends who he’s still in touch with.


The Thoughtful Travel Podcast - Episode 7 - Unexpected Travel Friends and Monks on Facebook

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