The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 9 – The Story’s in the Scary Bits

When my podcast guests and I start planning what we’re going to talk about on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I show them a list of potential topics and do you know what the most popular choice of all is? Scary stuff! Everyone has a tale of something frightening which has happened to them on their travels and these stories are basically universally entertaining – weird, isn’t it?

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast on Fear and Travel

A couple of months back we talked about some terrifying moments in Episode 2 – The Terror of Getting Lost, and today I have some more scary travel moments to share with you. You’ll see that, as always, the story’s in the scary bits because although at the time these experiences might have been something less than fun, the story these travellers are left with afterwards is one they like to tell again and again.

Show Notes for Episode 9 – The Story’s in the Scary Bits

In Episode 9 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast we’re returning to the topic of frightening parts of travels, because I think a lot of the time the story’s in the scary bits. What’s scary to one person might not worry someone else, but if something creates fear for you while you’re travelling, it’s probably something you’ll remember long after your trip is over.

Jean of Traveling Honeybird has a great story to tell about scary moments on a horseback trek though the mountains of Mongolia, and some tips and tricks to get through those frightening experiences. We also swap tales of our fears of driving (or being driven) in cars without seatbelts at high speed!

I then talk again to Candace Rose Rardon about a particularly scary moment she had on a trek through Turkey. It was one of those incidents where nothing bad ended up happening, but you get the feeling it could have ended up quite differently. And it makes a great story.


The Thoughtful Travel Podcast Episode 9 - The Story is in the Scary Bits

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