The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 16 – On Grief and Travel

Every Tuesday morning I sit down to breakfast with my son and we listen to the new episode of my podcast together. That’s the main reason I ask my guests not to swear, but it was only as we sat down this morning to listen to this episode that I realised it’s not just swearing that might make my podcast tricky for a six-year-old, but also the topics.

Grief is something people don’t talk about enough, perhaps, so I don’t actually feel bad that my son listened to this episode (and so far, I haven’t had any big questions about it) – and I’m so grateful to my two guests who shared their very personal stories of dealing with the loss of a husband or the loss of a father. I have known for decades that travel is a very powerful thing but their stories cemented this even further for me.

Show notes for Episode 16 – On Grief and Travel

Travel is a powerful tool for so many things but one more way that travel can bring great meaning to your life is by helping you to process grief – and that’s what my two guests in this episode have certainly discovered. Episode 16 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast features two women who have found travel to be very therapeutic in dealing with grief.

My first guest is Ava of My Meena Life, an American who has temporarily relocated to Germany, and has travelled extensively throughout Europe in the last year. Sadly, Ava lost her father a couple of years ago, but her experiences abroad have been instrumental in helping her deal with her grief about his loss.

Secondly, I speak with Kerstin of TravelPilz, who not only lost her husband about five years ago, but then had her feelings of grief doubled when a devastating cyclone hit her town just weeks after her husband died. She took off on a journey through Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India as a way to process some of this grief and her story is a fascinating one.


Episode 16 - On Grief and Travel - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. You did a great job putting this together. By the way – Mr. Meena is dying to know what coaster that is in the photo (he can’t quite figure it out)!

  2. Thanks Amanda for putting together this beautiful edition of your travelpodcast. It reminded me that I was meant to write a book about my grief journey, because we are culturally still inapt at dealing with grief and it’s enlightening and refreshing to see other cultures and their grief rituals. And thanks to Ava for sharing her story. And I LOVE the picture of the rollercoaster. It’s the twin image of the slippery slope that is life 😉

    • Thanks so much Kerstin and thanks again for sharing your story so beautifully. And I know – when Ava mentioned rollercoasters in her interview I thought that seemed like the perfect symbol for the whole topic!


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