African Travels – Episode 177 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Some of the most fascinating countries you can visit – in my humble opinion! – are in Africa. And that’s the main reason I’ve put together this episode about African travels – that, and the fact that I’ve just had so many wonderful guests telling me stories about various parts of this continent lately.

To date my only African experiences have been in Egypt and Tunisia, something I definitely need to rectify soon. I’m excited that this episode travels across countries like Rwanda, Mali, Somalia and Ethiopia and gives a whole lot of good reasons you might want to explore these destinations.

Show notes: Episode 177 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

African Travels

African travel seems to have been constantly on my radar lately – I guess it’s nearly time for me to go and explore more of that continent? For now, at least, it’ll be through Episode 177 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast because I’ve chatted with three guests lately who had intriguing tales to tell of Africa.

First up, I chat with Rick Antonson. He has a delightfully unique reason for choosing to visit Timbuktu in Mali, and I loved hearing about what he found there.

I then talk to Brighde Reed about the amazing destination of Rwanda – which is probably at the top of my want-to-visit African nations, and even more so after speaking with Brighde.

Finally, Chris Daniels has had some great African experiences – largely part of his PhD in African Studies, so he knows his stuff – and we chat about visiting Somalia and Ethiopia in particular.


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