The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 24 – Wanderlust for Adults Who Didn’t Travel As Kids

Having just flown back in from Queensland yesterday, I can assure you I still have massive wanderlust. That was a quick five-day work trip, but still, the thrill of being in new places and being in airports and all of those other travelly things just inspires me so much.

Obviously a lot of people who I talk to in the course of my life have a lot of wanderlust too, and that’s just the way I like it. We understand each other. And this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast demonstrates this once more.

Show notes for Episode 24 – Wanderlust for Adults Who Didn’t Travel as Kids

I used to think my wanderlust was a very simple and obvious thing. My parents loved travelling, they took me travelling as a kid, therefore I had severe wanderlust. And while this is probably true, it is definitely not the only path to wanderlust and today’s three guests prove that – they are all adults who have love to travel now, but never really got to travel much as kids.

First up, I speak with Lisa Luken who grew up on a farm without much travelling and now does amazing road trips with her husband, three kids and her dog. It was really interesting to hear how her wanderlust came to be.

Audrey Wanders also grew up without travelling, but her story is a little different, because her parents were definitely wanderers before they settled down to have a family. It seems like she definitely inherited that love of theirs and she has started to travel more and more as she’s got older.

Finally, I speak with Mark Wyld of Wyld Family Travel, a fellow Aussie who does as much travelling as possible – especially to Europe – with his wife and two daughters. He definitely has a solid case of wanderlust and is doing is very best to pass that on to his children.


Episode 24 - Wanderlust for Adults Who Didn't Travel as Kids - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


  1. Great podcast guys! It’s always interesting to hear where everyone’s wanderlust comes from. I also grew up small town America and hadn’t really gone anywhere. My Dad, however was a truck driver and he used to take me across America in his truck, but we never really got to stop anywhere other than truckstops. I think that it was peaked my interest is I was seeing all of these new places from the window side and I vowed to myself that when I was old enough to drive that I would go and see the world aside from the corn fields that I was surrounded with. Thanks again for the great podcast!

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