Review: Travel Secrets for Seniors (which are really travel tips for everyone)

Last year I met a lovely couple in my travel writing course who told me they were already well on the way to publishing a book and a bit of an empire, too, called Passionate Retirees (great name!). We’ve kept in touch and now Adele and Ely’s first book Travel Secrets for Seniors is being launched next month.

As regular readers will know, I’m really passionate about all the good reasons to travel. Knowing that, you can bet that this opening paragraph of Adele and Ely’s book really got me hooked:

We rarely ask ourselves, “Why am I travelling?” If we did, some of us would answer, “Because I need to get away from it all,” or “I need a vacation.” Is that really the best motivation for going away? Some people may feel like that when they are actively working, but it hardly sounds inspiring. It’s a lot more exciting asking ourselves, “How can I create a dream?” or “How can I have a great adventure?”

Travel Secrets for Seniors

This book is a combination of workbook and practical tips and anecdotes and more. There are places to fill in your own thoughts – like a list of your top five values and how they relate to what kind of travelling (destination, style, etc) you might like to choose (I love this idea! and it is relevant to any travellers, regardless of age). There are checklists of questions to ask yourself to help figure out what kind of travelling is right for you.

As you would expect, of course, there is also some senior-specific information here – like a chapter titled “Fitness matters, age doesn’t”. I love that as well as doing some walking training, they suggest practising squatting – yes, a very important skill when going to the toilet in some countries, and worth training for! And recognising that seniors don’t necessarily have well-honed internet skills (although plenty have excellent ones these days), Adele and Ely give lots of tips about booking elements of your travels online.

The main reason I enjoyed this book is because Ely and Adele obviously have a very similar approach to travelling to me. It’s all about the experiences, meeting the locals, creating amazing memories, and not doing anything so quickly that you come away from Paris with a photo of the Eiffel Tower and nothing else. I can see that along with people of all ages, many people from the baby boomer generation might need to learn this – they have spent their lives working hard, bringing up children, often not had much money left over for luxuries like travel – and now during their retirement they are ready to travel, but haven’t yet learnt “how to do it”, as such. Travelling in a really fulfilling way is a skill that needs learning, and something I’m grateful my parents taught me as a young child, but something that I’m really aware doesn’t come naturally to everybody.

The end of the book covers a topic very dear to me – reverse culture shock, and how to deal with coming home after travelling. I think it’s such an important part of travelling, and there are some tips to help you remember the trip, and to deal with the problem of finding yourself in your “mundane” home life and routine again. And of course, the best cure is to start planning the next trip!

I’ll be completely honest: in my line of work I meet lots of people who tell me they’ve written a book, or that they’re self-publishing a book soon, and the quality of these books is, well, not always top shelf. I am super-impressed with this one though. Well-written, excellent practical advice, plus lots of inspiration to encourage people to travel more and to do it thoughtfully and intentionally. A great combination – love it!

Full disclosure … Adele and Ely gave me a free copy of this book but they didn’t need to bribe me in any way to say great things about it. That stuff is all my own opinion!



  1. Sounds like my sort of travel. 🙂

  2. It sounds really interesting and on topic for the likes of me! Yes, reverse culture shock is alive and well, and needs more attention than it really gets.

    • Would be a good fit for some of your readers for sure Jo, though you are so well-travelled you are probably not in need of too much more advice. It really is a great book though.

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