What adventure means to me, Tunisian-style

I’m not your classic adventure traveller (no bungee jumping for me) but one cold Slovakian winter found me adventurously choosing warmer Tunisia as my Christmas holiday destination even though I couldn’t find it on a map.

Backpacking around Tunisia became one of my favourite trips with adventures at every turn:


  1. In Houmt Souq, my adventure was leaving the tourist crowds at the markets behind to explore the empty coastline, getting amazing architecture and sea views all to myself.
  2. While staying in Tataouine (yes, like Star Wars) my adventure was discovering Ksar Megabla, a fortified granary. A bunch of boys threw rocks at tourists for a while, then posed for pictures.
  3. Tunisia’s foods were an adventure for the palate, even if the meals I ate were always based around cous-cous. The markets were full of colourful grains and spices.
  4. Visiting El Jem made a visit to Rome no longer necessary. I could see the enormous colosseum from the bathroom window of my tiny hotel room; my backpacking days rarely allowed me a room with a view!
  5. At Douz on the edge of the Sahara I adventured into the desert on a camel; later at the Sahara Festival I learned never to bet on a camel race.
  6. Christmas in a Muslim country was another adventure, although the water at the touristy restaurant in Monastir, near a windswept beach, did realise why all the Westerners were after a fancy meal that day.


  1. The colours in the collage are amazing! Kind of… Tunisian colours! Love it! Inna x

  2. Love the way you’ve put this piece together and your adventure travel tales all make sense …especially to another who is not the bungee kind of adventure seeker 😉

  3. Wow! What a great adventure – and so different climate-wise from Christmas in Slovakia.
    Love your photo collage, too.
    Good luck in the competition.

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