Travel and Self Development – Episode 86 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Why do we travel? It's a big question! While we might on the surface think we're travelling to have a break, or to see something new, or to go and visit friends or family, there is always something more underneath it. There are so many fabulous reasons to travel abroad (or even nearby) and I am sure … [Read more...]

Life-Changing Travel – Episode 55 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel can change our lives in so many ways. Yes, it's really that important! This episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is one of my new favourites already, because I love the stories my three guests tell about how travel changes lives. Interestingly, my first two guests spoke about how the … [Read more...]

Volunteer Travel to Help You and the World – Episode 33 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I've travelled around in lots of different ways but to date, I've never done any kind of volunteer travel. (I've volunteered while I've been living somewhere, but not gone anywhere specifically to volunteer.) I will one day for sure - if not before then definitely I can see myself wandering the … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 24 – Wanderlust for Adults Who Didn’t Travel As Kids

Having just flown back in from Queensland yesterday, I can assure you I still have massive wanderlust. That was a quick five-day work trip, but still, the thrill of being in new places and being in airports and all of those other travelly things just inspires me so much. Obviously a lot of people … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 16 – On Grief and Travel

Every Tuesday morning I sit down to breakfast with my son and we listen to the new episode of my podcast together. That's the main reason I ask my guests not to swear, but it was only as we sat down this morning to listen to this episode that I realised it's not just swearing that might make my … [Read more...]

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 15 – Travel Builds Confidence, So Do It!

The very first story I ever told on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast (way back in Episode 0) was a tale of a very important (yet seemingly random) moment in my travelling life when I realised that travelling had given me a massive confidence boost. This confidence is something that infiltrates into all … [Read more...]

7 benefits of travel that research actually proves (in case you need a reason)

Is travel good for you? I have ZERO doubt that travel is GREAT for you! But being an old academic at heart (little known fact: one of my previous lives was as a university lecturer and I have half a PhD), I have been tinkering with the idea of different ways to prove the many benefits of … [Read more...]

Confession: I do keep count of the countries I’ve visited

I've been to 43 countries so far. Yes, I know the number off the top of my head because yes, I'm almost a little ashamed to say, I do keep count of how many countries I've visited. I know that a real traveller shouldn't care about this and shouldn't really count countries because it's not a matter … [Read more...]

Would you rather – for travellers – do we think the same?

Fellow travel blogger Shane at Sea Salt Secrets published a great post last week: the Would You Rather: Travel Edition. It is full of fascinating hypothetical questions and definitely got me thinking. I'm going to answer some of Shane's "would you rathers" and a few of my own too - and then I want … [Read more...]

9 travel quotes that remind us why we travel

In these days of social media, famous travel quotes seem to be everywhere. But if you keep an eye on them, a lot of them are the same old ones over and over again, and I think they stop being meaningful then. But looking at amazing words that writers, philosophers and more have written about travel … [Read more...]