The Thoughtful Travellers Book Club for 2020

One of my goals for the year is to read 12 great travel books, and what better way to make sure I do than lead a book club doing just that, right? Over on the Thoughtful Travellers Facebook group, I asked for some ideas for which books we should read (and I'll continue to ask and add to this … [Read more...]

Reading Books to Inspire Travel – Episode 153 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Is your shelf full of travel books - whether they're travel guide books, travel memoirs, novels or other stories simply set in a great destination you've been to or want to visit? I know my shelf is (who am I kidding - my shelves, multiple!) and reading books has been an important complement to my … [Read more...]

How Authors Travel to Research Their Novels – Episode 43 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

There are all kinds of professions which involve travel but I didn't realise until I watched a friend doing it that being a novelist was one that could give you a reason to see the world. That sparked my idea of speaking with a bunch of writers about how they travel as part of the research for their … [Read more...]

Armchair travel: One for families, one for escapees (to Prague or elsewhere!)

My month of armchair travel is coming to a close and it's been so fun, as part of celebrating the blog's 10th birthday, to spend a few weeks immersing myself in some new books about travelling - not quite as good as actually travelling, but certainly a lot cheaper! In this final post of the series, … [Read more...]

Sentimental memories of Japan, and Halfway Home by Christine Mari Inzer

A book about Japan? A really cute book with drawings and comics about Japan, drawn by a teenager? I am totally in! As soon as I heard about Halfway Home: Drawing My Way Through Japan by Christine Mari Inzer, I knew I'd love it and would be reminiscing about my own time in Japan - two of the most … [Read more...]

Travelling in Africa: Armchair travel giveaway of Njinga by Kate Leeming

I first heard of Kate Leeming's African adventure via an email from my mother. She told me she'd seen an interview with Kate on TV and was sure I'd love her story. As many of you will know: mothers are always right! I do love Kate's story. She's a fellow Western Australian originally and has … [Read more...]

Armchair travel – great books and a month of birthday giveaways at Not A Ballerina

Most of us, unfortunately, can't travel all the time. (And honestly, I don't think I want to travel all the time - although a bit more often would be good!) However, a pretty decent substitute for travelling is travelling vicariously through others, and I do love to read a great travel book to give … [Read more...]

The promise of great hot dogs in Iceland: An interview with Kari Gislason

In (further!) preparation for my trip to Iceland next year, I've been reading all kinds of Iceland-related stuff, and most recently it was The Promise of Iceland, by Icelandic-Australian Kári Gíslason. It's a gorgeous memoir about Kári's lifetime relationship with Iceland: without giving too much … [Read more...]

Review: Travel Secrets for Seniors (which are really travel tips for everyone)

Last year I met a lovely couple in my travel writing course who told me they were already well on the way to publishing a book and a bit of an empire, too, called Passionate Retirees (great name!). We've kept in touch and now Adele and Ely's first book Travel Secrets for Seniors is being launched … [Read more...]

Interview with author Dianne Ebertt Beeaff

Late last year I reviewed the book Spirit Stones and it got me re-interested in all things Stonehenge-like. My last trip to Stonehenge was a bit of a non-event - we got there just after it closed for the day and took pictures from the roadside, as close as we could get. It was a bit of a touristy … [Read more...]