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25 years ago in Europe: Back in London, visiting Madame Tussaud’s

Sadly, we're nearing the end of my 25 years ago in Europe series - sadly, but fittingly, because in a couple of weeks it'll be 26 years ago, which doesn't have quite the same ring to it! Taking our campervan back to London to sell, we spent a couple of weeks exploring London's attractions … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Copenhagen sightseeing, can’t miss the Little Mermaid

My sister and I slightly unimpressed by the Copenhagen's mermaid The Little Mermaid is, apparently, a bit disappointing for some tourists. Like the Mona Lisa, she's a bit smaller than the hype built up around her.However, I'm pretty sure we were not that disappointed, or at least not as … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Cheesy, but great cheese in Alkmaar

I know (now) that they do it all for the tourists. But it's all about cheese, so why can't it be cheesy?! This picture is from my childhood visit to the Alkmaar cheese market in the Netherlands. It fascinated me and definitely provided some enduring memories - I'd never seen such a thing!The … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Other kinds of beaches in the Netherlands

Back in Australia, all I'd ever seen were long white beaches, with a few beachgoers scattered randomly along them. After just a few months in Europe I'd seen pebbles instead of sand, and now in the Netherlands these (to me, as a child) extraordinary things: basket-like cabins you could hire for the … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Learning about “Eis” in Germany

This picture of my sister and I was apparently taken 25 years ago in Koblenz, according to my mother's captions, but it probably could've been anywhere in Germany. As you can see we are happily waiting for our ice cream to be prepared. I suspect we got more than one ice cream during our stay, so … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: The first of many tastes of Germany

When I was nine years old, I'd already learnt German for a couple of years at school, but just in the half-hearted Aussie way which meant I could say my name and count to ten. Still, that was more than I could do in other languages so I was pretty keen to get into Germany. Little did I know that … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Into Switzerland and a lot more snow

We might've seen our very first bit of snow in Greece, but thankfully there was more to come - who says you need to visit Europe in winter to see snow?In the Simplon Pass crossing from Italy to Switzerland, we came across enough snow to actually try our odd Aussie version of snowsports. I'll always … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Greece, and my first experience with snow

A lot of my readers probably don't remember the first time they saw snow. For most Europeans or North Americans, snow is just something you grow up with, the way Australians grow up with the beach. But down here in the south-west corner of Australia, it doesn't snow. Well, maybe once a decade or so … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Olympic fever in Greece

I've always loved watching the Olympics Games so it was no wonder that I loved visiting the ancient home of the ganes, Olympia in Greece. Here you can see my mother, sister and I lined up to start a race at Olympia - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have won that one! And below, my sister and I waiting to … [Read more...]

25 years ago in Europe: Introduction to Greece at Igoumenitsa

Even when I was just a kid, it was the out-of-the-way, non-touristy places that impressed me the most on my travels. I'm pretty sure that if you'd asked me twenty-five years ago where my favourite place in the world was, I would have said it was Igoumenitsa in north-western Greece.Back then, it was … [Read more...]