Review: Scrubba Wash Bag (and lamenting Iceland’s lack of laundromats)

This really is a post about the Scrubba Wash Bag. But first, let me tell you a quick* story about dirty clothes, travelling, and marital harmony. (*actually, now that I've written it, it's not that quick.) So, I'm a real backpacker from way back. Real in the sense that when I travel for … [Read more...]

Packing list for Bali or Penang or pretty much any tropical destination – and my new luggage

I have to warn you: I'm a pretty light packer. I've done a lot of independent travel which requires me being responsible for lugging my stuff around all the time and that taught me to be pretty frugal about what went on my packing list. (Although by my standards, my packing list for Bali recently … [Read more...]

Review: Travel Secrets for Seniors (which are really travel tips for everyone)

Last year I met a lovely couple in my travel writing course who told me they were already well on the way to publishing a book and a bit of an empire, too, called Passionate Retirees (great name!). We've kept in touch and now Adele and Ely's first book Travel Secrets for Seniors is being launched … [Read more...]

Review: These shoes are (really) made for walking, and more

As regular readers will know, I don't accept many product reviews, but when the lovely Helen offered me a bunch of stuff including new shoes I was all YES PLEASE! Allow me to explain ... My favourite travelling shoes until a month ago were a very worn pair of North Face light hiking shoes that I … [Read more...]

Review: Because I always wanted one of those beautiful travel pillows!

'Twas a long day at work and I picked up a grumpy three-year-old, took him home and planned to put him firmly in front of the television while I made a fast dinner. Fortunately for me, there was an intriguing-looking parcel at the front door and that got him excited. I told him it was for me (no … [Read more...]

Review: Rough Guide to Germany

I'm always rather keen to check out guide books on countries I know well - I can compare what the writers say to what I know from reality - so I jumped at the chance to review a new guide to Germany. Sometimes the info adds up, sometimes it doesn't. I'm not necessarily a fan of using guide books any … [Read more...]