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Review: Family on the loose – The art of traveling with kids

A couple of months back, Ashley from Family on the Loose got in touch with me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing their new book Family on the loose: The art of traveling with kids. Her timing was absolutely perfect as it was just at that moment when I was starting to wonder if I was slightly … [Read more...]

Beyond boring travel diaries – my new course on travel writing for everyone

Update: Travel Journal School - my new online course to help you make your travel journals and other memories really sing - is starting in October. If you want to know more about it, sign up here: Email Address * Some of you may not know that in my other … [Read more...]

Why travelling with kids is important essential!

I was born to travel.Well, maybe. It might be a combination of nature and nurture. My parents made a big deal about taking us travelling, as regular readers will know from trips like our six-month campervan tour of Europe when I was nine. We were just a normal average middle-class family, certainly … [Read more...]

Pookie and Jean at Igoumenitsa, Greece

You meet a lot of people when you go travelling. Some of them, you forget as soon as you get home, and then others stick in your memory for a lifetime. Or at least for 27 years and counting.Two such people were the couple in the centre of this photo - Pookie and Jean. Pookie had a real name, which … [Read more...]

A new direction for Not A Ballerina’s travels

In the midst of an internet crisis - yes, it's a first world problem but I had to survive with barely any internet at home for ten days, and I'm afraid to say it was not all that fun - my blog passed its seventh birthday. Suddenly this lack of enthusiasm for blogging I'd developed over a couple of … [Read more...]

That strange building in Frankfurt, Germany …

On my big first trip, 25 years ago in Europe, regular readers will remember that I kept a diary of some of the highlights, or at least what seemed like highlights to the mind of a nine-year-old. Apparently, in Frankfurt, Germany, a city which I have to admit I'm still not thrilled with despite … [Read more...]

Because travel sure beats being at school, kids

Going to school is important, right? But could travelling be even better? A friend of mine (coincidentally, the one who inspired me to get involved with Kiva) recently wrote an update on Facebook: And then she made sure I knew about, assuming (100% correctly) that I would be a kindred spirit here! … [Read more...]

The A-Z travels of Amanda from Not A Ballerina

There's a great meme doing the rounds of travel blogs at the moment - an A-Z of your travel experience - and I just can't pass up the chance to look back on some of my favourite moments of travel and share them with you - alphabetically! So here goes ...A: Age at which you first … [Read more...]

Apologies to Spain and the Mas Nou swimming pool

I had another look through my old travel diaries (from 25 years ago in Europe) the other night and found what is probably the reason why my nine-year-old self was not impressed by Spain:See the fine print? Under this attractive-looking (well, for the 80s) swimming pool at Mas Nou Caravan Park on the … [Read more...]

My international flag obsession and how it’s obviously genetic

After being driven around Europe for six months as a child, I developed quite an obsession with things geographical: capital cities, currencies, languages and especially flags. One of the local banks put out a poster every year or two showing all the flags of the world and I adored this poster. Yes, … [Read more...]