25 years ago in Europe: Olympic fever in Greece

I’ve always loved watching the Olympics Games so it was no wonder that I loved visiting the ancient home of the ganes, Olympia in Greece. Here you can see my mother, sister and I lined up to start a race at Olympia – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have won that one! And below, my sister and I waiting to watch some action in the stadium.
Since these early Olympic experiences, I’ve often made a point of visiting modern Olympic stadiums and complexes as I travel: in Sydney, Barcelona, Seoul and Nagano just to name a few. Sports attractions are often a fun side of the tourist destinations in a city; I’ll post some more info on these soon. But in the meantime, I’m casting my mind back to around 776 B.C. when the were starting to run the Olympics back at ancient Olympia. Guess it was pretty different back then!

Part of the 25 years ago in Europe series.

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