25 years ago in Europe: Into Switzerland and a lot more snow

We might’ve seen our very first bit of snow in Greece, but thankfully there was more to come – who says you need to visit Europe in winter to see snow?

In the Simplon Pass crossing from Italy to Switzerland, we came across enough snow to actually try our odd Aussie version of snowsports. I’ll always remember that we used this orange plastic bag with a coat of my father’s folded up in side, and slid our way down the hill. This might look somewhat pitiful to you snow-country people who’ve grown up on skis, but for a bunch of Australians who’d never experienced anything like it, it was truly a highlight of our trip!
Has anybody else out there got first-time snow stories? I’d love to hear them, especially from people like me who had to wait a few years to see it (and a whole lot longer before I ever saw it fall, but that’s another story).
Part of the 25 years ago in Europe series.


  1. I have a photo on my blog of my daughters’ first contact with snow at Mt Rainier in Washington.

    I also loved your article on surviving reverse culture shock (which led me to your blog).

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