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An artist’s impression of Hong Kong, with bonus musings on apartment life

Regular readers will remember my 25 years ago in Europe series in which I laid bare numerous pictures of me as a nine-year-old (fortunately, I haven't received *too* much ridicule as a result!). But wait, as they say, there's more. I recently came across the diaries I kept during those trips and … [Read more...]

Why I haven’t been to New Zealand yet (but really want to go)

When I'm travelling and people hear I'm from Australia, it's surprisingly often that they ask me about New Zealand. Fair enough, I suppose, since we are near neighbours, but coming from Perth on the far west coast of Australia, it's well over 5,000 kilometres to New Zealand - imagine how many … [Read more...]

Around Australia in a van: First stop, Kalgoorlie

In the spirit of sentimentality and the great feedback I got on my 25 years ago in Europe series, I've dug out our old family photos from another big motorhome trip we did: this time around (kind of) Australia. Many Aussies wait until they've retired to hitch up the caravan and travel around this … [Read more...]

On sending teenagers around the world

Back when I went to university - although it's not all that long ago - taking a year off to travel before you studied was virtually unheard of and decidedly unpopular. What brief discussion there was usually ended with a harsh warning that if you lost the momentum of study then you'd never go … [Read more...]

The comforts of home while you travel

For a couple of months now I've had a fortnightly spot on regional radio here in Western Australia, becoming the resident "travel blogger" on ABC Radio's Regional Drive show. The topics vary from fortnight to fortnight but are always interesting, I think, and a lot of fun for me to draw on all my … [Read more...]