25 years ago in Europe: Greece, and my first experience with snow

First Snow in Greece

A lot of my readers probably don’t remember the first time they saw snow. For most Europeans or North Americans, snow is just something you grow up with, the way Australians grow up with the beach. But down here in the south-west corner of Australia, it doesn’t snow. Well, maybe once a decade or so on top of one of the higher mountains in the very south, a few snowflakes sprinkle down, but I’ve certainly never seen it snow here.

And so to Europe, 25 years ago. Recalling that we were travelling through the summer half of the year, you might be surprised to discover our first experience with snow was in Greece in May or June. But as you can see from this photograph, it wasn’t exactly an in-depth snow experience. Just the same, finding this patch of unmelted snow on the side of the road was a huge occasion for us. Our first snow! It obviously warranted stopping our van and recording it for posterity.

Since then I’ve had a few firsts with snow – first “serious” amount of snow, first snowballs, first time it snowed on me, and so on. When these firsts happen to you as an adult, they’re really quite amazing. If you’re living in a snowy country and you see some tourists doing utterly crazy things in the snow, don’t laugh at them too hard – they’re probably from Australia too.

Part of the 25 years ago in Europe series.


  1. Where in Greece is this?

  2. Ooh Chris, that’s a really good question: I think I’ll have to ask my mother who probably remembers (or as a great diary she can refer to, to find out!).

  3. Chris, I knew my Mum would come through for me: she says, direct from her diary, it’s “near Koridallis on the way back from our
    mountain trip to Igoumenitsa”. Now we know!

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