Why Getting Lost is Fun – Episode 142 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Who’s good at getting lost? My sense of direction is not brilliant, not the worst, somewhere in the middle I guess – though I discovered on our recent travels around Denmark that my nine-year-old son is a brilliant navigator so at least for the next few years I figure I can just outsource all this to him!

But perhaps the real reason that I don’t put too much effort into improving my navigation skills is that getting lost often turns out to be really fun. And that’s what this episode of the podcast is all about! Hope you enjoy it.

Show notes: Episode 142 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Why Getting Lost is Fun

We often fear getting lost when we travel … but in reality, it usually either means we discover something we otherwise wouldn’t have, and/or it becomes a funny story we repeat regularly later on!

In Episode 142 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I chat with three travellers who all believe that getting lost is fun (or at least it is most of the time!). First up, Lucas Peters explains his strategy of getting deliberately lost – it’s more sensible than it sounds, I promise!

Next up I chat with Michela Fantinel who has had some wonderful experiences getting lost while driving in Australia, for example – although as a good Australian I must warn you all to make sure you take water and petrol with you if you’re driving about in the Australian outback – it’s one of those places where getting lost can actually end up being a bad thing. (Michela is fine!)

Finally, I talk to Erin Holmes about some of the various times she’s got lost while travelling. 



  1. I think getting lost is real fun cause you get to discover something out of the plan which is indeed exciting and better than guides…. getting lost becomes the journey of oneself with the surroundings which is real fun.. so one must get lost during a journey or may be try to get lost in the beauty of the surroundings…

  2. I love it because you can find something to plan, which is really fun and better than a guide…. disappointment becomes a self-fulfilling journey with pleasant surroundings .. so one has to miss the journey or try to get lost in the beauty of the environment …

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