Helpful or harmful travel with Jan Fran – Episode 143 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

It’s special episode time! I team up with Jan Fran (from SBS and sometimes Channel 10 and basically saying clever stuff everywhere) to talk about a series of videos she made with Kathmandu figuring out what’s harmful and what’s helpful about the way we travel.

I had so much fun talking to her so I hope you enjoy listening to our chat.

You can find the second and third videos of the series down at the bottom of this post. Very well worth the watch (my favourite is the Nepal episode!).

Show notes: Episode 143 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Helpful or harmful travel with Jan Fran

So are you a helpful traveller or a harmful traveller when you’re on the road? I think we’d all like to think we’re more the former, but there’s always more we can do. For this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I have a very special guest, Aussie broadcaster and journalist Jan Fran, who recently went overseas with adventure apparel brand Kathmandu to find out firsthand from the locals what’s happening in our travel hotspots and how we can do better. They’ve produced three videos called Helpful or Harmful? featuring Bali, Nepal and Australia.

I was a bit fangirly nervous before I got to interview Jan Fran but she was a delight to chat to and I loved finding out more about some of the behind the scenes experiences she had in Bali and Nepal to make these videos. Hope you enjoy this chat, too!


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