Choosing Your Next Destination – Episode 116 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Where are you going next?

I get asked this question constantly and I usually have an answer but for once, right now, I don’t. Mid next-year I’ve got a wedding to go to in Thailand, and a blogging workshop to teach in Bali after that … but no flights are booked and both are chosen by other people – so where am I going to go next that’s a destination I choose? I really don’t know!

This podcast episode features four people’s versions of how they choose – and it gave me lots of ideas. Hopefully it does the same for you!

Show notes: Episode 116 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Choosing Your Next Destination

How do you choose your next destination? In Episode 116 I chat with four travellers about the different ways they decide where they’re going to travel next and between them we discover a multitude of reasons people choose their destinations – and there are no doubt still more!

First up I chat with Tamara Gruber who takes some trips alone with her school-aged daughter and is clever at tying in some of their destinations to connect up with what her daughter’s been learning at school (I love this!).

Meagan Hurst is next and follows a method I often use too: where can she get a bargain airfare to! I have quite often visited a pretty random place just because it was cheap to get there, and sometimes those places turn out to be unexpected gems.

My Cambodian friend Cham Peou has put quite some thought into how he chooses his destations and I love his approach.

Finally, I chat with Greg Seymour who has a really great philosophy about choosing destinations – and making sure he and his wife go outside their comfort zones, but not too far out (which I think is the perfect strategy!).


Choosing Your Next Destination - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast Episode 116

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