Taking a Class When You Travel – Episode 117 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travelling can be full of such a variety of experiences if only you know where to look! This episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast includes three travellers talking about a huge variety of classes they’ve taken while travelling – from cooking to flower arranging, from drumming to painting – and I’m not surprised to say that there are a huge range of benefits that come out of this kind of travel activity.

Of course I’d love to hear if you’ve ever taken a class, too – hop over to our Facebook group and tell me there!

Show notes: Episode 117 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Taking a Class When You Travel

Learning should never stop just because you’re not at school and in Episode 117 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast we talk about taking classes when you travel – because of just countless benefits that come with them!

First up I chat with Tiana Templeman who is a bit of a pro at finding a class whenever she travels, regardless of the topic. She thinks it’s a fantastic way to get a different experience on a trip and chats about classes she’s taken in Australia, Bangkok and Japan.

I then talk with Cheri Shanti, who’s basically the podcast’s resident expert on Cuba (every time I listen to her I desperately want to go!) and in this episode she shares her experiences of taking drumming classes in Cuba.

Finally I discuss the topic of taking classes with Eva Westerling, who has a fabulous example of a cooking class she took in Jordan – but a rather special one indeed.


Taking a Class When You Travel - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast Episode 117


  1. Hello!

    I really enjoy your podcast, keep up with the great work!

    I was wondering if there is any way to download the very first episodes (from 0 to 17) couldn’t find them on iTunes or any other program, and on your website you can only listen but can’t download.


    • Thanks so much Rafael – glad you enjoy it! And that’s a very good question – I only realised lately they only show 100 episodes, I’ll investigate and see if there’s a way around it!

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