Choosing Your Next Destination – Episode 116 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Where are you going next? I get asked this question constantly and I usually have an answer but for once, right now, I don't. Mid next-year I've got a wedding to go to in Thailand, and a blogging workshop to teach in Bali after that ... but no flights are booked and both are chosen by other … [Read more...]

Underrated and overlooked – 7 cities which deserve a second try

I come from a very oft-overlooked city here in Perth, Western Australia - I'd say 99% of the time I meet someone abroad who has been to Australia, they haven't stopped by Perth! I get it, it's far away from everywhere else, but is still a place very much worth visiting. But that's why when my bloggy … [Read more...]

5 off-the-beaten-path destinations I’m curious about

Curiosity killed the cat, but a good travel still needs a heavy does of curiosity, and I have endless amounts of it. Especially about new places I might one day travel to. I'm preparing an episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast about destinations that aren't too commonly visited - because I … [Read more...]

7 things Aussies don’t know about Barbados

If you're not Australian, let me tell you a secret: we Aussies mostly think that islands like Barbados are part of an utterly mysterious paradise. We learn about them from songs (more on that below), the opening ceremony of the Olympics (all those places we didn't know were countries) and we … [Read more...]

My friend is campervanning around New Zealand before me!

Edited to add! Kristy has now been to New Zealand and has written two awesome posts for me: Tips for travelling around New Zealand with kids in a campervan Kristy's itinerary for the South Island of New Zealand with kids Last summer, I nearly went campervanning around New Zealand. I'd … [Read more...]

Travelling at home: Kakadu dreaming and visiting Kakadu National Park

Last weekend I was chatting to another parent at a kid's birthday party and she confessed to me (not knowing I was a travel blogger) that she'd never left Australia (not even to go to Bali). Travelling at home was all she needed, she said. You can probably imagine that I didn't know quite what to … [Read more...]

Cruisin’ along: Because one day I’m going to take a cruise

You might recognise my current state of mind. My "recent" big trip (to Europe) is becoming a little bit too long ago to call recent; potential next "big trips" aren't quite at the planning stages yet. It means I start dreaming up future travels. The ones I guess would be on a bucket list if I was … [Read more...]

Animal-inspired travel: 10 places to see my favourite animals

No doubt having a two-year-old boy in the house helps, but even before he came along I was often interested in visiting places because of their animals. I think that's part of a natural curiosity so many people have (starting as kids) to see interesting and different animals, but it's probably also … [Read more...]

12 great landscape views I’d love to see (one day!)

Since my Tasmanian trip, I've been increasingly obsessed with amazing landscapes and have been doing lots of "travel daydreaming", so I decided to put together a list of beautiful places I'd like to visit. So be warned, there is lots of travel-lover's eye candy here and if you're feeling stuck in a … [Read more...]

Hot air ballooning is on my one-day list

Thanks to the cover of our edition of Dr Seuss's Oh, The Places You'll Go! - yes, it features a hot air balloon - the small boy is going through a phase where he points out such balloons all over the place - in books, puzzles, and even where they don't really exist. But he's got me thinking - one … [Read more...]