Interviewing Amanda for the Two-Year Anniversary – Episode 90 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Two years ago, I launched The Thoughtful Travel Podcast somewhat nervously. I knew I loved the idea, but would other people?

I’m so happy to report that yes! Other people like the idea! I get regular messages and emails from people who’ve found the podcast and have enjoyed listening to it enough to let me know. That makes my day, every single time.

Since it’s a travel podcast, it’s fitting that the two-year anniversary of the podcast happens while I’m travelling in Japan. I’ve learnt a lot about the technology of running a podcast over the past two years and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s been enough to enable a podcast episode to come out while I’m not even at home to hold its hand.

And before you listen – a quick few thank yous – especially to Brooke McAlary who believed in my idea enough to launch the podcast with Jackrabbit before she, appropriately, shut up shop to go travelling, and to the ever-amazing Lyndall Harris of Podcast VA who makes sure I don’t need to learn too much of the technical wizardly and who never complains if I deliver my podcast instructions late even though she should.

Show notes: Episode 90 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Interviewing Amanda – Two-Year Podcast Anniversary

It’s two years since I launched The Thoughtful Travel Podcast for my fortieth birthday. (Because why not do something crazy like launch a podcast for your fortieth?!) For the two-year anniversary, I decided to turn the tables and instead of getting other people’s stories, I asked my Thoughtful Travellers Facebook group to ask me the questions!

They came up with many and varied questions and I had a lot of fun answering them – and I got my friend Kristy who featured in the very first episode of the podcast to interview me. Hope you enjoy it!


Two-year anniversary - interview with Amanda Kendle - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast




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