Housesitting While Travelling – Episode 89 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

This is another well-timed episode because I’ll be travelling in Japan when it airs, knowing that at home in Perth I have a brilliant housesitter taking care of everything – including my lovely cats.

Housesitter taking care of cat so I can travel

My cat the podcaster? She’s being well taken care of by my fantastic housesitter.

I have only done a little housesitting in my time – and more frequently used a housesitter, though always a friend or a friend-of-a-friend – but I would love to try out some worldwide housesitting in a future phases of my life. Would you? Let me know your thoughts on housesitting in the comments below!

Show notes: Episode 89 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Housesitting While You Travel

Housesitting works for both sides of the travel equation but in Episode 89 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I talk to four travellers who have used housesitting as a great way to get free accommodation and to see parts of the world they wouldn’t otherwise see.

Pam Lynch has been house-sitting for about eight months now around Perth, Western Australia – spoiler alert, she’s my housesitter! – and chats to me about all of the reasons she loves this lifestyle and intends to continue it for some time to come.

I then chat with Becky Livingston who spent over two years wandering the globe doing many various housesits, some in particularly gorgeous locations too. She does touch on some of the perils of housesitting though, particularly the risks involved of being responsible for people’s beloved pets …

Finally, I talk to Matt and Marilyn from Words with Winos about their recent housesitting experience in Italy.


Housesitting while travelling - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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