Travel and Self Development – Episode 86 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Why do we travel? It’s a big question! While we might on the surface think we’re travelling to have a break, or to see something new, or to go and visit friends or family, there is always something more underneath it. There are so many fabulous reasons to travel abroad (or even nearby) and I am sure I’m not alone in, after having travelled a fair bit, realising that the importance of travelling goes beyond those more surface-level benefits and down to something deeper: travel has enormous benefits for your self and personal development.

I’m really the total evangelist for the advantages of travelling and have been inclined to drone on for hours to anyone who’ll listen about why travel is important or even vital for us, but that’s because my own experience has made me that way. Living and working in four different countries and travelling to many more, experiencing all manner of customs and languages and cultures, all of that has just taught me so much about myself and utterly shaped the person I am today – that’s why I just can’t stop raving about it! I’ll try to stop for a second though and let my podcast guests speak!

Show notes: Episode 86 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travel and Self Development

One of my very favourite topics in the world is talking (for hours) about why travelling is good for you and all the self development and educational benefits of travelling. Happily, a lot of the guests on The Thoughtful Travel Podcast feel the same way, and in Episode 86 I chat with three women who all agree the benefits of travelling the world are many and varied.

First up, I chat with Pam Lynch, who had travelled a lot with her family but really took things to the next level a few years ago when she started travelling solo. She’s in no doubt of the importance of travelling in life and describes how much stepping out of her usual comfort zone has impacted her self development.

Next, I talk with Anna Kwiecinska about that feeling you get when you just need to travel to a certain place, without any particularly concrete reason that you can explain – but inevitably, you end up discovering a lot about yourself by doing so. Why people travel is an endlessly fascinating question to me and what Anna articulated here is something I’ve been trying to explain for years!

Finally, psychologist Kristen Truempy talks to me about the fear and growth process in the context of her own regular travel experiences. She says something eminently sensible about travel and your comfort zone but you’ll have to listen to find out exactly what!


Travel and self development - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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