Why visiting Slovenia should be on your travel wish list

I spent a few days in the small country of Slovenia about a decade ago. I was based largely in the capital, Ljubljana, with some countryside excursions, but from what I saw, I knew that it was a country I wanted to see more of one day.

Introducing Nina, a blogger from Slovenia

Then I met Nina, a Slovenian blogger, online (somehow … I can never remember where these relationships begin!), and we got chatting about even more of the reasons that visiting Slovenia should be on your travel wish list … and other travel-related gossip. Thanks so much, Nina, for agreeing to be interviewed and for everyone else, if you’ve never followed a Slovenian travel blogger before (and I dare say many of you haven’t), then take a look at Nina’s lovely blog Nina Travels.

Nina travels tells us all about Slovenia

Nina, an adventurous blogger from Slovenia

On visiting Slovenia

Amanda:  I’m very keen to return to see more of Slovenia – could you tell me the top experiences you recommend for visitors to Slovenia?

Nina: Yes, you are lucky to have visited Slovenia, especially as not many foreigners know we even exist! Well, luckily the good reputation has spread out fast and in a few years, Slovenia will surely be on travellers’ bucket lists more often.

Ljubljana is really the best way to start with exploration of the country as it lies almost in the center of it. If I need to point out more places worth visiting, I’d go for the most popular ones:

  • Bled Lake with Bohinj Lake (some of the most picturesque views over mountains and green landscape)
  • Underground caves (Postojna cave is the most visited one, but if you’re into the UNESCO list and less visited areas, Škocjan caves would be ideal).
  • If you are a wine lower and like to eat well, I’d recommend Goriška Brda. This is a very small area, bordering on Italy, which is famous for world known wines and top quality cuisine. You can combine this with a wine cellar tour and tasting and even with a coastal town like Piran.
  • If you’re an outdoor junkie and would rather do something other than wine tasting, go to Kobarid. There are lots of things to do there – kayaking, wild water rafting, canyoning, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking.
  • For everyone interested in World War 1, there’s also a lot of things to look at from this era.
  • And finally, if you are looking for less visited places, you will not go wrong with traveling to the eastern part of Slovenia, which I must admit, I barely know myself, but it caught my eye years ago.

Amanda: The underground caves are what I’ve heard about most from other travellers, so I’m sorry I missed them, but like you I’d like to explore some more of the less visited places. They often create the best stories!

Visiting Slovenia

Visiting Slovenia – with pictures of this gorgeous country from Nina Travels

What’s unique about Slovenian culture?

Amanda: What do you think makes Slovenian culture different from everywhere else in the world?

Nina: I do believe Slovenia has almost all the culture in the world – or at least from Europe. Due to our history, we were once part of the Habsburg Empire, so our culture is a lot like that of Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and so on. And being a former Yugoslavian republic, we also have influences from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia, which in turn have some influence from Turkey. I guess I can say that coming to Slovenia, you can explore and feel a little bit of everything. We sure are small, but we still have everything that the big players have, just in a smaller, more charming package.

Amanda: Oh, I love the sound of that – half of Europe all in one little place! Here in Australia, for a different reason (as a nation of immigrants) we have a lot of cultures all in the one place, and I love that.

On other parts of Europe

Amanda: What’s your next favourite country or region in Europe?

Nina: Hmmm … that’s hard to choose. I guess it depends what I’m looking for. I’m mad about Italian food and just love the German beer. The nature in Scandinavian countries is amazing and I love the fact that south-eastern Europe is still almost untouched. Everywhere I go, I learn a lot and I guess that’s the main goal for all travellers.

Amanda: You’re so right – learning a lot is definitely the main reason I love to travel. And in Europe there are so many different things to learn about!

Culture shock in Australia

Amanda: I read that you came to my home country of Australia last year – did you have any culture shock?

Nina: Yes, I travelled to Australia with my hubby and we loved it! I do admit, I am a bit jealous you live in Australia. 🙂 Coming to Australia, I did not know what to expect, but I was blown away by you guys. I mean, Slovenians believe we are kind and open to foreigners, but when you travel around Australia, you realize what welcoming, helpful and open really means. Everyone also seemed easy going and I guess this has a lot to do with having so much sun! I felt great there and know I’ll be back again!

Nina Travels: A Slovenian in Australia meeting kangaroos

Some of the friendly locals Nina met in Australia!

Amanda: I’m so thrilled to hear that you enjoyed some great Aussie hospitality! I don’t believe we are always as good as you say but I’m really glad you had such a friendly experience. And yes, I think having a lot of sunshine makes us pretty laid back. We are definitely very lucky.

Your questions about Slovenia

If Nina has whet your appetite to know more about Slovenia, then the Slovenia section of her blog has even more enticing stuff. But what else do you want to know about this tiny country? Leave your questions here and Nina and I will help you out with some answers. Or, have you been to Slovenia already? What do you think are the best places in Slovenia? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Haven’t think of Slovenia as such a place to explore! Thank you for changing my mind!

  2. I love reading about new places to travel to! My list just keeps getting longer. 🙂 Slovenia looks beautiful and I love that it has so much history and culture behind it.

  3. Oh you missed one of the best parts of Slovenia!!! Mt Triglav National Park!! The hike to the summit of Mt Triglav is spectacular!! Slovenia is still my favourite country (I’ve visited nearly 50). Crystal clear streams, fabulous locals, gorgeous hiking oh it was just magical!!!

    • Your favourite country out of 50 is a huge compliment indeed, Robyn – and I have never heard of Mt Triglav, must look it up and include it on my future Slovenian travels, thank you!

  4. I visited Slovenia last year for the first time and loved it. We only had a few days so we based ourselves at Bled (a long-time ‘bucket list’ destination for me) and did a day trip to Ljubljana as well as visiting Lake Bohinj and the Slap Savica waterfall. I’m really keen to go back to Slovenia and explore more of the country so Nina’s tips will come in very handy in the future. Thanks for sharing them 🙂


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