Why I’m not cut out to be a typical modern-day travel blogger

I’ve just come back from a month overseas. A great month overseas, in fact, spanning six countries and seeing numerous family members and dear friends. And a month in which I took hundreds of photos.

But if you look at this blog, or at my Facebook page or Twitter profile or even on Instagram, one of my favourite social media toys of late, you wouldn’t know it. In fact you’d be more likely to think I’d been hit by a bus.

And this is why I am definitely not cut out to be the typical modern-day travel blogger. You know, the ones who regularly post about their current location and keep everyone up-to-date with their movements around the globe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that in the slightest, and I love following people who do this, but it’s not for me.

It started out as part of my general social media caution and the simple thing of not wanting to advertise that my home back in Perth was currently empty. I’m not sure why this bothers me so much (but it’s the same reason that I rarely post about my location on Facebook when I am home in Perth but out and about somewhere), but it’s just how I am. In fact, if a burglar did want to target my house I’d probably prefer they did it while I was travelling because most of our precious things are with us then!
But beyond that caution, I have to admit I really just like to be able to focus on the here and now of travel. My long backpacking years all took place before mobile internet was a reality and so I’m used to being somewhat disconnected while I’m on the road. I do appreciate now the ease of using WiFi and my smartphone to be able to check up on emails and Facebook while I’m travelling and I did look at both regularly, but I didn’t feel the need to get too engaged with it and I loved having this break. My mother got regular emails (and I did like the fact that using a smartphone and WiFi meant I could easily send her photos of what we were up to) and I occasionally commented on Facebook statuses, but I didn’t post anything myself (and therefore didn’t need to “talk back” to anyone who interacted with me on my own posts)

I’m absolutely certain this is not recommended travel blogging practice. But it’s the way I like to do things. I’ve got lots of stories and thoughts to share resulting from this trip and I’ll be getting these together over the next couple of months. I know already that I’ll really savour that process, which will be a bit like reliving my trip again, and the posts that come out of it will be far superior to what I would have put together in the limited free moments I had during my trip. And I think for my particular kind of travel blog, where it’s not so much about the destination as the experience, then letting my experiences mature a bit in my mind will actually make what you read better. So, apologies for the break in transmission, and stay tuned for some tales of new lessons learnt in life abroad. As always, there were plenty. Watch this space!


  1. Welcome back to Oz!
    It must be a generational thing as I’m the same – I like to travel and savour the experience then enjoy the blogging process and having the excuse to filter through all the photos and select the best once home!

    Looking forward to you hearing about your European adventures over the coming weeks and months! 🙂

  2. Welcome home! I was wondering why you had been quiet during your travels, but now I know! I actually think you did the right thing – otherwise it all gets so frenetic and we are not really in the moment at all. Looking forward to your matured posts – like a fine red wine!

  3. Looking forward to reading about your European travels. I also don’t like to advertise on facebook that I am going away…

  4. I feel similarly. 🙂 Sometimes it’s just about experiencing it. 🙂

  5. Interesting perspective. I tend to blog as I go as I worry I’ll forget details and the experience will lose its immediacy if I wait. That said, it can become a bit of a chore trying to keep the blog up to date!

    • Yes, the chore part is the problem for me, especially as there are actually no free moments in a day when you’ve got a three-year-old who won’t sleep until 9pm! I still make notes and of course take lots of pictures (for context not just images) along the way so I don’t forget too much. I hope!

  6. Oh, I’m so with you!
    I’ve actually been wondering whether I’m cut out for the new genre of travel blogger, so your post has made me feel a lot better. I have great intentions of doing a few posts while I’m travelling, but with two toddlers (my first overseas trip with the two) I’ve found that near impossible. Ever the optimist!
    Look forward to hearing how your trip went.
    Ps. I’m in Ireland now, and the weather is still crap!

    • Glad I could make you feel better Linda! I was optimistic too of at least writing more (probably not posting) while I was away – I even bought a nice new iPad keyboard so I could type away after Mr3 was in bed at night – but in reality I either stayed up chatting with friends or went to bed at the same time as him! With two toddlers I think it would be close to impossible!

  7. Fantastic post, Amanda. It is SO good to know there are other travel bloggers out there like me. I, too, am very wary of letting my whereabouts be known on social media, and whilst I have every intention of keeping my blog up to date when I travel, I often find that it all just gets a bit too hard. I bought an iPad for my last trip to Europe but found updating my blog didn’t really happen. I guess I was too ‘in the moment’ – enjoying my trip and the freedom of not being chained to a computer all day every day. I keep a diary when I travel (the old hand-written type!) and take heaps of notes, so writing up my posts when I get home isn’t too difficult – and it does bring back many happy memories. Stick with being a not-typical-modern-day-blogger, Amanda – and I’ll be one, too!

  8. I agree with you. When I finally set sail from this fair city of ours I will only be publishing one blog a week.

  9. This is my style too. After 3 months in Europe, and a couple of months home, I’ve still to make a dent in blogging about it all. I’m pretty inspired at the moment though so expect some soon lol.

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