A sentimental tour of Warsaw, Poland

You know a city's a good one when you see it in terrible weather and still love it. Warsaw fits that bill for me, although I definitely want to return some day and have a whole lot more sunshine. Warsaw, Poland, back in 2003 Fourteen summers ago (ouch I feel old!), I was backpacking from Russia to … [Read more...]

To Eurail through Europe or not … and why I’m so glad I did

Back when I was planning our trip to Europe this year, I was in two minds about how to do the German/Swiss side of the journey. It was clear that a rental car for Iceland was pretty essential, but for the continental side I was tossing up renting a car or taking the train. Both have pros and … [Read more...]

Why visiting Slovenia should be on your travel wish list

I spent a few days in the small country of Slovenia about a decade ago. I was based largely in the capital, Ljubljana, with some countryside excursions, but from what I saw, I knew that it was a country I wanted to see more of one day. Introducing Nina, a blogger from Slovenia Then I met Nina, a … [Read more...]

Organised tours of Europe and my concession that sometimes, some are OK

I have never been a tour kind of girl. In fact, I searched the whole archive of Not A Ballerina to find any mention of the (very few) short tours I've taken and the only one I found was an overnight tour to Mt Fuji when I was living in Osaka. (Ominously, that didn't go too well - I walked down the … [Read more...]

Where should my friends travel in Europe – not the normal spots

When you're a travel blogger, you tend to get quite a few messages from random people with questions about a trip they're planning - and I like answering them - but what is even more fun is when a good friend asks for some tips! I got this text message from my friend Susannah last week, who's … [Read more...]

Why I’m not cut out to be a typical modern-day travel blogger

I've just come back from a month overseas. A great month overseas, in fact, spanning six countries and seeing numerous family members and dear friends. And a month in which I took hundreds of photos.But if you look at this blog, or at my Facebook page or Twitter profile or even on Instagram, one of … [Read more...]

Learning to travel with Laura’s first European trip

Do you remember how you felt about your first big trip? I pretty much grew up travelling yet I can still remember feeling close to terrified before I left for Japan to live - even though it was something I really wanted to do. It didn't take too long before I realised it was the best thing I'd ever … [Read more...]

Why haven’t I been to Portugal?

As regular readers will know, not only did I spend six months campervanning around Europe as a child, I also lived there for three and a half years as an English teacher, making the most of living centrally in Slovakia and Germany to take lots of short trips to many corners of the continent. … [Read more...]

Things to do in Riga, Latvia: Because lots of people want to go there

I've been getting a huge amount of traffic from people searching for information on Riga, the Latvian capital, lately, and since the post they land on is really just a brief overview of my favourite parts of Riga, I decided it was worth going a bit more in depth here. I am a huge fan of the Baltic … [Read more...]

Reader questions: Seeing practically all of Europe!

I love reader questions and when they're from people I know like up-and-coming graphic designer Amanda then it's even more exciting to help them out with their travel plans. Amanda and her boyfriend Trent are planning a big trip to Europe next year and of course I wanted to know more (helpful AND … [Read more...]