Why visiting Slovenia should be on your travel wish list

I spent a few days in the small country of Slovenia about a decade ago. I was based largely in the capital, Ljubljana, with some countryside excursions, but from what I saw, I knew that it was a country I wanted to see more of one day. Introducing Nina, a blogger from Slovenia Then I met Nina, a … [Read more...]

The truth about living in Slovakia … according to a half-Japanese Canadian girl

Spending a year living in Slovakia was one of the most interesting experiences of my travelling life (I was living in Bratislava - but got to explore much of the rest of the country too!). Before I arrived I didn't even really know where it was (I'd been hired to teach in Prague and the school sent … [Read more...]

My new friend Trish, her travels, and her Airpocket

I do love the internet for so, so many reasons. Just recently on Facebook, a friend in Canberra mentioned her friend Trish was about to launch a Kickstarter campaign to produce this new thing called an Airpocket. She described it briefly - it's a small but special carry-on bag for the plane that … [Read more...]

Solo travel for females: These superwoman solo travellers prove you can do it

Solo travel for females is a topic I'm often emailed about. Can I do it? Is it safe? Will I survive? My parents don't want me to go? Help! Luckily, I've got some good girlfriends who have travelled solo a lot, plus a few experiences of my own, and even a friend who wrote a book about travelling solo … [Read more...]

The promise of great hot dogs in Iceland: An interview with Kari Gislason

In (further!) preparation for my trip to Iceland next year, I've been reading all kinds of Iceland-related stuff, and most recently it was The Promise of Iceland, by Icelandic-Australian Kári Gíslason. It's a gorgeous memoir about Kári's lifetime relationship with Iceland: without giving too much … [Read more...]

On being a travel blogger and how I write

I'm part of a "blog hop" about how I write, thanks to the lovely Leyla at Women on the Road. Since I always explain that my route into blogging and social media all came about because I wanted to be a writer, I thought this was an interesting one to take part in! If you've heard me talk about … [Read more...]

Jo Castro answers my questions on why we travel

Even the casual reader of Not A Ballerina will be fully aware that I think travel is a fantastically amazing thing to do and that every single person who has the opportunity should grab it and see the world. But instead of just hearing that over and over from me, I decided to ask a few other … [Read more...]

Travelling to track down your ancestors

A dear friend of mine recently started a podcast for family history lovers called Genies Down Under, and since I started listening to it I've been getting inspiration to do some travelling to delve into bits of my own family history. In fact, the whole idea is so much fun that I decided to interview … [Read more...]