Why visiting Slovenia should be on your travel wish list

I spent a few days in the small country of Slovenia about a decade ago. I was based largely in the capital, Ljubljana, with some countryside excursions, but from what I saw, I knew that it was a country I wanted to see more of one day. Introducing Nina, a blogger from Slovenia Then I met Nina, a … [Read more...]

Everyone’s talking about visiting Slovenia

Recently, I keep coming across mentions from people the world over who are considering visiting Slovenia. That's not bad considering that a decade ago barely anyone knew what or where Slovenia was, and a bit over two decades it was tricky to visit anyway, tucked behind the Iron Curtain. Entering … [Read more...]

Passport pirouette: Scenic drive into Slovenia

I love a good road trip, and road trips in Europe are an entirely different beast to an Australian road trip - it's all about the distance. Driving across Australia takes days and is all in one country (and while some might find the desert a bit boring, I find it quite refreshing). Driving across … [Read more...]