The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Episode 6 – Surprise! Travel Expectations and Lessons

I’m constantly surprised by the things that happen when I travel, and it turns out this feeling is shared by many of my fellow travellers. In this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I got to hear about some gorgeous surprises visited upon one of my all-time favourite travel writers/bloggers/artists, Candace Rardon. (I’m loving interviewing amazing people for this podcast but my chat one Sunday night with Candace was definitely one of my favourites – we’ve known each other online for years but never got to speak before, it was fabulous!)

Today’s second guest was someone I’ve only met (online) much more recently, but that just shows the other magical thing about running this podcast. Jeff Sandquist runs his own podcast called Intentionally Wandering (a play on one of my favourite quotes, “not all who wander are lost”) which is not just about travelling but about life – but Jeff has had some great surprises and lessons from travel which he shared in this episode.

Show Notes for Episode 6 – Surprise! Travel Expectations and Lessons

Whether good or bad, facing surprises is usually part of travel. In Episode 6 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast I’m talking to two other travellers about the surprises they’ve encountered on their travels.

First up is Candace Rardon, someone I was super-excited to interview and have known online for some years. Candace is a sketch artist, writer, photographer and all-round travel genius and a deep thinker on travel as well. She shares several stories of surprises she’s had when her expectations have been shattered on her travels – and how this always turns out for the best.

Next I talk to Jeff Sandquist of the Intentionally Wandering podcast. He philosophically talks about how surprised he has been by the impact of travel on his life and how the lessons from travel have been drawn back into this everyday life at home, too.


The Thoughtful Travel Podcast Episode 6 Surprise - Travel Expectations and Lessons



  1. I absolutely loved listening to Candace talking about her time in Norway and her opportunities to be open-minded to new travel experiences. And I also really agree with Jeff about learning to travel where you live – I think that will be a huge lesson we’ll take back with us to the States. Great podcast!

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