When Travel Days Go Wrong – Episode 158 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I’m amused and simultaneously bemused that episodes I’ve published about things going wrong when you travel often become some of the most popular. I hope it’s more that we empathise with the tale-teller than any kind of schadenfreude … right?

The reason I personally love these stories is that most of the time when we travel, something goes wrong, but it’s often that part of the trip that turns into the story we tell often. It’s also something we learn from – whether that’s a practical lesson about doing better research next time or a personal lesson about how we don’t need to stress too much about what can go wrong because it basically always works out fine in the end.

Whatever the reason: this episode has some “ripper yarns” about travel days gone wrong and I hope you enjoy it!

Show notes: Episode 158 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

When Travel Days Go Wrong

Getting around on your travels is not always smooth sailing and things do go wrong. Does that mean your trip is a disaster? I think not! If my three guests in Episode 158 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast are anything to go by, a travel mishap is purely fodder for a great story to tell later.

In this episode I chat first with Nate Hake. He tells the tale of visiting Bolivia and running into some trouble when protestors basically shut down the town of Uyuni shortly before he landed there

Next, I talk to Justin Watson. He had a visa to get through China … or did he? And finally, I speak with Natasha and AJ of the 2 Idiots Abroad blog … about a time in Bangkok when possibly, they nearly lived up to the name of their blog!


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