How to Deal With Travel Anxiety – Episode 93 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

You’d think that since travelling is, on many occasions, completely optional, that those of us who suffer from anxiety before travel would just give up doing it. But I certainly haven’t, and I’ve been surprised over the years to discover so many of my fellow travel-lovers who find some aspects of travelling life extraordinarily anxiety-inducing but feel such a burning urge to travel that they just do it anyway.

So, knowing that there are many travellers who feel anxious about it – whether it’s a fear of flying, or being anxious in the lead up to a trip, or feeling worried about things that could go wrong or whether or not they’ll be able to communicate with people, and a whole host of other anxieties – I have put together another episode about the issue of travel and anxiety. And I have to say – I don’t think it’ll be the last one!

Show notes: Episode 93 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

How to Deal With Travel Anxiety

Many a well-travelled travel-lover experiences travel anxiety and the guests in Episode 93 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast are no exception. (And neither am I!).

In this episode I chat with Kelly Dunning about her first big trip, aged 21, and a particularly pivotal moment which helped her to get over travel anxiety. I also talk to Kati Craythorn who gets anxious about flying, as many of us do, and we discuss a few different travel anxiety tips from other listeners too which I hope will help everyone with overcoming travel anxiety – because it’s worth it!


How to deal with travel anxiety - The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

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