Behind the Scenes – Episode 100 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Woohoo!!! My podcast has turned 100! Well, we have reach the 100th episode, at least, and that seems like an awesome milestone to celebrate, right?

My podcast has been one of the most joyous things I’ve done during the past couple of years – honestly, a time that has been quite chaotic as it’s during this time I became a single mother, moved house, became solely responsible for my huge mortgage – but all the while my podcast has been ticking away and has been something that has made truly really happy to create.

The best part is that as well as the podcast making me happy, it seems to have hit a chord with plenty of travel lovers out there too, so it’s been wonderful to keep hearing messages of gratitude from listeners who enjoy the podcast. Each and every one makes my day!

Some of these listeners started asking me about the behind the scenes of the podcast, and that’s what led to this episode – and I hope you all find it interesting.

And this’ll make more sense once you listen, but this picture is one of several versions of episode planning that I talk about. These live next to my desk on my office wall and keep me on track! Oh and the picture of me down below – that’s me recording this episode in my mother’s wardrobe!

Planning Mind Map for The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

One of my planning mind maps for The Thoughtful Travel Podcast



Show notes: Episode 100 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Behind the Scenes at The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

I asked in the Thoughtful Travellers Facebook group for some ideas for celebrating the milestone of releasing Episode 100 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast and Emma came up with the fabulous idea of going behind the scenes. Thanks to everyone who pitched in with more questions and especially to Kati Craythorn who offered to interview me.

This episode is a chat with Kati asking me those questions and it was so much fun to talk about the origins of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, some of the technical behind the scenes stuff, what I like and dislike about creating the podcast and how it’s changed me. It was just wonderful to talk to Kati about all these topics and I hope you all enjoy listening to it too.



Behind the Scenes at The Thoughtful Travel Podcast - Episode 100


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