Travelling in Iran – Episode 146 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Destinations can come and go in popularity – Iceland wasn’t a place anyone went when I was a kid, but these days everybody wants to go there. It’s fascinating to see these ebbs and flows. In the last couple of years, I’ve started to hear from a number of friends and podcast listeners who’ve been visiting Iran and sure enough, the statistics show that there have been rapid rises in foreign tourists entering Iran.

And it sounds like this is with good reason. I didn’t set out to create an episode about travelling in Iran – but guests just keep telling me about it, usually when I think we’re going to talk about something else, then suddenly it’s all about Iran! So with three of these chats, I thought it was time to put together an episode to share some of the reasons they think Iran is a fantastic destination.

Show notes: Episode 146 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Travelling in Iran

It’s not all too many years ago that I would have thought Iran was definitely off the visit list, but in recent years it has become quite a popular destination amongst travellers I know. Episode 146 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast is, in fact, devoted fully to Iran because I’ve had so many guests tell me about their good experiences there that I just had to create an entire episode to be able to share some of their stories.

First up I chat with Brett Seychell of Social Cycles who first visited Iran on his two-year cycling journey from London to Melbourne. He loved it so much that he has now been half a dozen times and runs tours there!

Next I speak with photographer Dale Neill who has also taken a tour group to Iran in recent years. Dale reiterates the common theme of this episode, that Iran is probably the single friendliest country he’s ever visited.

Finally, I hear from Joanne Karcz who was recently in Iran for a month and had so many good stories to tell about the country and especially the kindness of the people.



  1. One of our friends visited Iran last year and loved it and the photos were spectacular.
    As for the kindness of the Iranians I can attest to that, as my husband has just returned from working in Sydney for 18 months, and he rented a granny flat from an Iranian couple.
    They almost adopted him and would invite him to outings with them and their Iranians friends, cooked him Iranian meals and also wanted to learn about Portuguese dishes.
    On my last visit in June they made a point of having a dinner party at their house with the Iranian friends my husband had met in the last 18 months, so they could all farewell him.
    I hope I can reciprocate their kindness when they visit Perth.

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