Selfie videos on your travels

I’m sure my son and I are not alone in enjoying sitting together, hunched at the computer, looking at the photos and videos we’ve taken on previous trips.

But, and I’m especially looking at the mothers out there, how often are you in the photos, or especially, in the videos?

Taking selfie videos on your travels

Earlier this year fellow Aussie blogger Maxabella wrote an absolutely spot-on post about mums who aren’t “in the picture” with their kids. This got me thinking. A lot. (And it brought a tear to my eye, too – if you look at the video at the bottom of her post, I’m sure it’ll do the same to you.)

First thought: what do I want my son to remember from his childhood? Answer: lots of joy, and lots of learning, and both of those things happen in abundance when we travel. It’s very easy for the everyday fun of drawing together or cooking together to blur into one big memory, but when we travel, it puts a timestamp on a memory. I’m sure in twenty years, my son will still remember the day we climbed one billion steps to the top of Kek Lok Si temple in Penang together. (And the photo below is our happy faces on the bus on the way home. One of very few selfies for me ever, and one of the only photos of him and me together on that trip.)

Young traveller on the bus in Penang

Second thought: what’s even more memorable than a photo? Answer: a video. I still remember almost a decade ago sitting at my sister-in-law’s house in Germany watching old film footage of their family on a holiday on the Baltic coast. I want my son to look back on videos we’ve taken and see not just him (I have hundreds of hours of videos of him!) but us, being a family. Which is why I’ve been trying hard to “get over myself” and take some selfie videos with him. Like this one below, talking about Jack the bear and how he travels with us. (It is crazy, and not a good video, but it’s OUR video, and when we look at it in the future, it’ll remind us of a lot.)

Selfie video contest – worth entering!

Now, if you are thinking that I might be onto something here, or better still, if you are ahead of me and have already started making selfie videos on your travels, then CoverMore Travel Insurance has its #UltimateTraveller competition running at the moment (closing on 30 June, 2015) which you might be keen on – or might be a good incentive to try out a selfie video.

You just have to put together a two-minute selfie video on your travels (and travels might be from a local perspective, too) and enter at the Ultimate Traveller video competition page. The big prize is $10,000 worth of travel and they are giving away GoPros too.

Even if you don’t win, creating that longer-lasting travel memory for you and your family is like a win of its own, right? Good luck (and if you enter and win you might want to take me along on your trip. Deal?!)


Disclosure: Cover-More Travel Insurance asked me to share this with my readers, but as usual, I’m doing so because I think it’s worth it. Just wait until I get back from Iceland and you can see (I hope!) a bunch of selfie videos in some (literally) cool places!



  1. Well done for getting #inthepicture, Amanda. Having you in those photos will be worth more to your son than his memory of climbing a billion steps, I guarantee it. x

  2. Great to see you having shots together. I have just been looking at old family pics and we don’t have many of the whole family together

  3. On our recent trip to New Zealand I had the Big Sister record a video diary of our travels. It was funny enough watching her narrate her trip (and attempt to direct me), I cannot imagine how funny it would have been with both of us in the frame!
    Bearhands and I have a video diary of our honeymoon. It’s an incredible reminder of how young, footloose and fancy-free we were!

    • Oh how fabulous – I bet your NZ video will be a great family heirloom in the years to come! The honeymoon video diary, on the other hand – is it R rated?!

  4. Gorgeous pic & video Amanda. You both look so happy!

    I am very camera averse I must admit – there are not many pics of me with the kids at all. Even pre-kids my travel shots are of everything but me.

    Seeing & reading this makes me realise I do need to change that!

    Oh, & what a fantastic competition & prize! ?

    • Thanks Jodie – I’m pretty camera averse too but I know how much my son loves to see it (and how few pictures there are of me with my parents when I was a kid – I would love it if there were more!

  5. We take a lot of videos but I have to confess I’m on the other end. AM trying harder this time to actually appear in a few shots… but I keep forgetting.

  6. Aww that is too cute. Hello Jack!! We’ve made lots of videos of our recent travels. They’re the best. I’ve never done a selfie one before thought – next time for sure :))

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