How Travel Sparks Creativity – Episode 52 of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Do you feel more creative when you travel? I often feel a real spark of creativity when I'm travelling and wondered if I was alone - according to the guests I speak to for this episode of The Thoughtful Travel Podcast, I definitely am not! I often come home with long lists of ideas: blog post ideas, … [Read more...]

Home away from home: Travel Photo Roulette #115

I was a winner this week! Well, the coffee maker pictured below, who I spotted at the Chatuchak Markets in Bangkok recently, was really the winner - I entered this photo in the travel bloggers' "Photo Roulette" contest for the topic of "thirst quenching" and was declared the … [Read more...]

One green kayak and my small but growing sense of adventure

A few weeks ago, my husband came home saying that he had found a second-hand kayak he wanted to buy. Given that I had no clue he'd even been thinking of buying a kayak, it took me a while to come round but in the end I compromised by offering to absolve him of the guilt of buying a kayak if he … [Read more...]

Selfie videos on your travels

I'm sure my son and I are not alone in enjoying sitting together, hunched at the computer, looking at the photos and videos we've taken on previous trips. But, and I'm especially looking at the mothers out there, how often are you in the photos, or especially, in the videos? Taking selfie videos … [Read more...]

Sentimental memories of Japan, and Halfway Home by Christine Mari Inzer

A book about Japan? A really cute book with drawings and comics about Japan, drawn by a teenager? I am totally in! As soon as I heard about Halfway Home: Drawing My Way Through Japan by Christine Mari Inzer, I knew I'd love it and would be reminiscing about my own time in Japan - two of the most … [Read more...]

Travelling in Africa: Armchair travel giveaway of Njinga by Kate Leeming

I first heard of Kate Leeming's African adventure via an email from my mother. She told me she'd seen an interview with Kate on TV and was sure I'd love her story. As many of you will know: mothers are always right! I do love Kate's story. She's a fellow Western Australian originally and has … [Read more...]

Armchair travel – great books and a month of birthday giveaways at Not A Ballerina

Most of us, unfortunately, can't travel all the time. (And honestly, I don't think I want to travel all the time - although a bit more often would be good!) However, a pretty decent substitute for travelling is travelling vicariously through others, and I do love to read a great travel book to give … [Read more...]

What adventure means to me, Tunisian-style

I'm not your classic adventure traveller (no bungee jumping for me) but one cold Slovakian winter found me adventurously choosing warmer Tunisia as my Christmas holiday destination even though I couldn't find it on a map. Backpacking around Tunisia became one of my favourite trips with adventures … [Read more...]

New York vs Paris: That’s a whole lot of wonderful

There are cities like Perth, the one I live in. Not that many people across the globe know where it is; even fewer have been there. And then there are cities like Sydney, the one I'm sitting in right now at the airport, waiting for my flight to the Gold Coast. Sydney is a well-known city and kids … [Read more...]

I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Berlin

"I want to Go with Oh", I read with increasing glee, These people want to send a blogger on a travelling spree! Of all the cities listed, and they’re ten of Europe’s best, It’s Berlin that’s got my heart thumping harder in my chest. I’ve scraped the surface of Berlin, three times, maybe … [Read more...]