Review: These shoes are (really) made for walking, and more

As regular readers will know, I don’t accept many product reviews, but when the lovely Helen offered me a bunch of stuff including new shoes I was all YES PLEASE! Allow me to explain …

My favourite travelling shoes until a month ago were a very worn pair of North Face light hiking shoes that I bought in Germany when I lived there – in fact, now that I calculate it, that was in 2004. So I had been traipsing around the world in these brown North Faces for nearly a decade. I wanted to upgrade to something more colourful and modern but these were mega-comfortable, and still in pretty decent condition, and I just couldn’t quite justify the expense. (Even though, along with more travels planned, I had the thrice-weekly walk to school starting and I wanted to have funky shoes for this!)

So, long story short, I now have these super-duper North Face shoes from Millet’s. I got them shortly before my trip to Penang and I’ve now been able to give them a good test both travelling and for the school walk. First up: I hope you will agree they look cool – I noticed during my trip that they even match to various different carpets at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Handy!

My new North Face shoes during two stopovers at Changi Airport

I was sold on North Face already (I even convinced my husband to get some for himself a few years ago, and even HE likes them, and he is not easily persuaded), but these new ones reminded me that they are comfy, light,  and pretty much exactly what I need to trudge around all day when I’m travelling. I am also impressed, I must admit, that despite me not taking any particular care of them at all, they still look new after quite a lot of wear. In fact I’m not sure I’m impressed because I don’t want someone to think I’m a newbie traveller, but I guess in the long run if they keep looking good, that’s a bonus.

In the same beautiful care package, I was also gifted some various travel-related clothes and stuff from the women’s clothing range at Black’s. In particular, I’m chuffed about my new Jack Wolfskin fleece but, of course, it is the middle of summer here (and was certainly in no way cool in Penang) and I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. It looks good. That’s a good start. And I instantly sweat if I try it on (it’s about 35C as I type this …) so I’m sure it will keep me warm. Ditto on the black scarf they sent me. (I didn’t even try that on, not even for a quick photo. It’s really too warm here this week!)

I guess all these things were like my blog’s Christmas present to me, so thanks, blog. A gift that will keep on giving!

Disclaimer: Black’s and Millet’s provided me with these goods for free, but as always the opinions are entirely my own, I promise. I cannot be bought! Well, except, perhaps, with a really large box of the very best Belgian chocolates … but nobody’s tried this yet.


  1. Bring on the chocolate and chocolate cake. I must admit I saw the photo before I read the post and thought you had found a rug to match your shoes. xxx Rae

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