Travel daydreaming: Returning to Malaysia

During winter I often think about escaping to a more tropical zone - even though winter here in Perth really isn’t cold on a world scale (and as I type this, it’s a bright sunny day) - but I am definitely a summer person. It doesn’t help that we have south-east Asia right on our door step and a good … [Read more...]

Packing list for Bali or Penang or pretty much any tropical destination – and my new luggage

I have to warn you: I'm a pretty light packer. I've done a lot of independent travel which requires me being responsible for lugging my stuff around all the time and that taught me to be pretty frugal about what went on my packing list. (Although by my standards, my packing list for Bali recently … [Read more...]

5 reasons Penang is a great place to take a three-year-old child

My destination choice since I had my son has been a lot more conservative than when I was travelling in my twenties and childless thirties. Pre-child, my strategy was pretty much only to avoid war zones; but now that my precious son is coming along for the trip, I see things differently. So while … [Read more...]

Are you afraid to travel? It’s not always safe at home, either!

Are you sometimes afraid to travel? I've talked about my travel anxiety and pre-trip nerves before but earlier this year I had such a big reminder of why getting over those fears is not only important but utterly sensible.   I admit: I was afraid to travel with my son to … [Read more...]

Am I sad that an airline lost my luggage? Hell yes!

I am (usually) the kind of person who does not dwell on the negative. Life is too short, right? And every cloud, silver lining, blah blah blah. (And in most cases that stuff is actually true.) That's why it has taken me six months to blog about the fact that Tiger Airways (the Singapore-based … [Read more...]

8 things I learnt from staying in a Penang resort hotel for two weeks

I am not known as the kind of traveller who stays in a resort hotel. In fact, I've only ever bought a "resort package" style holiday once, on a last-minute trip to Egypt just after I'd arrived in Germany to work, but was promptly given two weeks off as all the students were going on holiday … [Read more...]

Travelling with kids: take paper, scissors and sticky-tape

Packing a suitcase half full of toys for your kids when you travel is not the answer to a peaceful trip abroad - this I have learned through trial and error over the last four years. On our trip to Penang I think I got the child entertainment packing list just right, and I thought I'd share one of … [Read more...]

How to choose a holiday destination: Penang thanks to our Malaysian friends

Over the years I've done my share of choosing destinations based on famous places I want to see but if I look at my last couple of years of travels, the biggest deciding factor on destinations seems to be related to our friends and relatives. Our entire Europe trip last year was inspired by our … [Read more...]

Collecting juice in Penang – challenging yourself to try new things on your travels

Do you make a deliberate effort to try new foods (and drinks) when you travel?I have to admit that when I first began travelling I was a bit of a food conservative. I was raised vegetarian so trying to avoid meat was one of the issues, but I think in general I was just a bit of a scaredy-cat!But … [Read more...]

Garbage truck travel and keeping a travelling child happy in Penang

When you are travelling with a three-year-old boy, you do need to adapt your sightseeing expectations somewhat. After our trip to Vienna turned into an expedition to chase Viennese garbage trucks past Stephansdom, I thought I was fully prepared for this when we travelled to Penang a couple of months … [Read more...]