Weekend Wanderings: Travel on the cheap

Since I’ve been talking about budget travel this week, I decided that this round of Weekend Wanderings will feature your favourite posts about trips that haven’t cost a fortune.

Bali view from Jesse Wagstaff

The concept of what makes a cheap trip doesn’t just vary from person to person though – it only occurred to me properly recently that it varies from hometown to hometown, too. You might remember when I first interviewed beginner traveller Laura I was kind of surprised that she was so enthralled by the idea of going to Bali – because for us living here in Perth, Bali is mostly just a place you go to when you want a cheap getaway (it’s cheaper than flying somewhere in Australia – closer, too!), a resort-style trip where your focus is usually on a good swimming pool with some tasty cocktails! But of course, if you’re from the other side of the world, Bali is an exotic, interesting, cultural experience (as long as you avoid the hotels full of us Aussies!).

I have rarely taken an expensive trip – even in the moments when I’ve had more disposable cash, I would rather travel more often than travel more luxuriously – but when I dug around my posts, I guess the classic example of a budget trip is my backpacking trip around Tunisia. My budget for this trip was virtually zero, since during the previous year I’d spent several months travelling across Russia and through the Baltics while between jobs, and then had spent just a couple of months working in Bratislava earning really rather little. Having discovered the school I taught at would make me take three weeks of compulsory unpaid leave over Christmas, I didn’t want to miss the chance to fly somewhere new – from Bratislava, flights to Tunis were equivalent to our cheap Perth to Bali flights, so I jumped at the chance to explore northern Africa. And loved it! Tunisia was dirt cheap, and I came back to Bratislava not quite broke, but ready to get back to some paid work.

So, please go ahead and link up a post below about a cheap destination. It might be that you live someplace where cheap holidays to Lanzarote are the deal (it sounds exotic to us here in Australia though!), or perhaps hopping a quick flight to Hawaii (oh! I wish!) is your idea of budget travel. If you haven’t played along before, check the Weekend Wanderings guidelines and have fun exploring some other cheap holiday destinations – remembering, of course, that one traveller’s Bali is another traveller’s Patagonia, so to speak!!


  1. This is so true! I mean here in the states I look at Bali and think “wow! What an amazing place to be able to visit.” Heck, you now have me thinking I’ll add another week on our trip to australia just so I can head that way. But when I talk to my friend in Brisbane and tell her it’s cheaper for me to fly to Hawaii than to fly back to the East Coast of the U.S. her jaw just drops. It’s unimaginable to her. Then again she spent a weekend checking out the Great Barrier reef which is unheard of for me, who would have to plan a very long plane ride around it. It really is all about what’s in your backyard. Thanks so much for the added side trip idea for our big 2014 trek down to your neck of the woods 😉

    • Ha ha no problem, always happy to add trip ideas to people’s itineraries!!! That’s right, it’s all a matter of perspective, though it’s funny how it skews what we think of a place – somehow we don’t value it as much if it’s too close to home!

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