Tunisian doorways: the blue, the yellow, the intricate

Over at A Taste of Travel, Jenny recently posted about the incredible doorways she saw in Morocco and they reminded me so much of Tunisia that I just had to go through my photo collection and dig out some of my own door pictures. There are not many places in the world where I’ve found myself constantly photographing doors (Irkutsk in Russia was another, though – incredible wooden door and window frames!) but Tunisian entryways certainly impressed me.

Doors in Tunis

Wandering the streets of the capital, Tunis, was the perfect example of a time when the value of sightseeing was simply in looking around you, rather than heading for a specific destination. Most of these photos are from Tunis, though in architecturally gorgeous Sidi Bou Said, not far away, I also found numerous blue doors that I wanted to capture, always reminding me of the numerous pictures I’ve seen of Santorini in Greece. In Sidi Bou Said, these door photos often featured some of the local stray cats  as well – they really seemed to be everywhere.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, Tunisia was a fascinating place to visit, one of my all-time favourite trips, and I had a busy fortnight seeing all kinds of sights – but it’s such a great place that even a simple stroll through the streets provides plenty of entertainment. Just my kind of place!

Cat and a door in Sidi Bou Said


  1. Thanks for the shout out Amanda. I’d love to go to Tunisia one day. Your doors are fascinating- love the colours

  2. Beautiful! Do you know if there is a symbolism behind those door designs or are they just… designs?

  3. Gorgeous. I’d love to go!

  4. I have travelled extensively in Tunisia Morocco and other Arab states and the doors and architecture are fantastic.. You also get a little of this in Sicily where I used to live. Sidi Bou is an amazing town and I still have all my kitchen pottery that reminds me of there.

  5. OMG love love love. Not sure how those fabulous exotic doors would fit in with my ikea meets babyland home decor though…

  6. I love doors and have been inspired by Taste of Travels photos as well. I did not realize that the doors of Tunisia were so wonderful!

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