Weekend Wanderings: Travel on the cheap

Since I've been talking about budget travel this week, I decided that this round of Weekend Wanderings will feature your favourite posts about trips that haven't cost a fortune. Bali view from Jesse Wagstaff The concept of what makes a cheap trip doesn't just vary from person to … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Perth bloggers

On Sunday, I'll be hosting a Nuffnang-sponsored meet-up in Kings Park (home to these gorgeous flowers!) for a bunch of Perth bloggers who I (mostly) have met through my blogging courses or freelance writing work - plus a couple who I've known online for a while but have never had the chance to meet … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Because it’s 2012!

Welcome to the first Weekend Wanderings for 2012! I thought that an appropriate theme for this weekend would be, in fact, 2012. I haven't posted much about my plans for 2012 yet and so to kill those two proverbial birds with one stone, I'm going to do that here and then give you the chance to … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: It’s a Christmas link-up!

Christmas at Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan I guess you don't need me to point out that Christmas is rapidly approaching. What I do perhaps need to point out is that it's time for another edition of Weekend Wanderings and this time I'm gathering blog posts which are somehow related to … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Animals, animals, animals

Ooh! 11/11/11 today - what an auspicious date! However, this edition of Weekend Wanderings will not, I'm afraid, be centred on auspicious dates. Instead, it's inspired by a topic my small boy just can't get enough of at the moment: animals. His current obsession (though he loves all animals) is … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: A few of our favourite things

Ready for another fascinating round of Weekend Wanderings? I am, and this time the topic I've picked is "favourite things". One, because I'm a massive Sound of Music fan and have had "My Favorite Things" running round me head for a couple of days, and two, because I have had a postcard of my … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Food, glorious food!

Time to wander around the web for a weekend again with my next instalment of Weekend Wanderings. As it happens, I'm feeling a bit peckish so I decided the theme of this weekend's Wanderings should be FOOD. Picking my favourite food post from the archives was quite tricky. After considering my … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Your round-numbered posts!

It's on again. Bloggers, get ready to link up below to share one of your favourite posts with the world again; readers, be prepared to start wandering the web and discovering some new blogs. Yes, it's Weekend Wanderings time! I had so much fun looking back at my 100th, 200th, 300th and 400th … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Asia, Asia and more Asia!

It's Weekend Wanderings time again, when I invite all my bloggy friends (and bloggy strangers!) to link up one of their old posts so both bloggers and readers can discover some interesting new blogs. I've been contemplating future holidays this week and with Asia on our doorstep (pause for … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Islands we love

This weekend, Not A Ballerina's Weekend Wanderings link-up is on again. Since I've been using a few spare minutes this week to plan our upcoming trip to Tasmania, Australia's only island-state, I thought that the theme for this weekend should be islands. Any post that you can vaguely relate to being … [Read more...]