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The ever-changing landscape on the Trans-Siberian train

I recently re-read some of Paul Theroux's travel narratives in preparation for the travel writing course I ran, and picked out what I considered a "beautiful" passage about his journey on the Trans-Siberian: The experience of the Trans-Siberian Express is both monotony and monkish beauty: all day … [Read more...]

The art of doing nothing on the Trans-Siberian Railway

I have heard that there are people who would get really bored if they had to sit on a train for a whole week. Really? Okay, I admit I can imagine it, but it's not the case for me. When I travelled on the Trans-Siberian railway I broke the trip up with a few stops along the way so the longest … [Read more...]

My grand Russian adventure is someone else’s summer vacation

I don't remember when I decided that one day I would just have to ride the Trans-Siberian - I really think it's something that I had in mind even before I had figured out where the Trans-Siberian actually ran. When I started planning to do some serious travel, it was high on my priority list. Then I … [Read more...]

“Art” in Vladivostok: A definite Soviet sculpture style

Landing in Vladivostok, as I've described before, was both by accident (I'd planned to start my epic train trip in China) and nearly with an accident (my hairy landing with Air Vladivostok has stayed with me - although it wasn't actually at all dangerous!). Just the same, I'm very glad I went, if … [Read more...]

Weekend Wanderings: Travel on the cheap

Since I've been talking about budget travel this week, I decided that this round of Weekend Wanderings will feature your favourite posts about trips that haven't cost a fortune. Bali view from Jesse Wagstaff The concept of what makes a cheap trip doesn't just vary from person to … [Read more...]

The A-Z travels of Amanda from Not A Ballerina

There's a great meme doing the rounds of travel blogs at the moment - an A-Z of your travel experience - and I just can't pass up the chance to look back on some of my favourite moments of travel and share them with you - alphabetically! So here goes ...A: Age at which you first … [Read more...]

Russian-style trains, planes and automobiles

I really wanted to write this post to show you a couple of photos of great Russian cars that I saw on my travels, but as I sat down to type, the title just forced its way in. I haven't managed quite as many modes of transport in Russia as my friends Helen and Andy (just check their post on an … [Read more...]

Why budget accommodation in Warsaw beats a five-star hotel

Let me first answer the question of the title of this post: budget accommodation beats a five-star hotel in Warsaw for many reasons, but not least of which is the fact that this place makes for a much more interesting blog post than a fancy spa and sheets with a high thread count. Well, at least in … [Read more...]

10 secrets of this travel blogger

It's meme time again. For all you non-bloggers, that means I've been tagged (by the lovely Rachel) to write a blog post on this particular topic: 10 things you probably didn't (and don't need to?!) know about me. Given that I've had a weekend with very little sleep (thanks to a small boy, not … [Read more...]

China dreaming – literally

I guess as a travel blogger it's no surprise that scenes in my dreams often take place in foreign countries, but the other night this went a step further and I dreamt about being in a country that I've never actually visited: China. (In fact, I tried to visit China on the way to my Trans-Siberian … [Read more...]