Do young children remember trips – is it worth travelling with your kids?

It's quite a common search term for visitors ending up on my site: "do young children remember trips"? and I really fervently hope that when parents land here while thinking this question that they realise YES, children can remember enough of a trip, and more importantly learn enough from a trip, to … [Read more...]

Why tourists should visit the Perth Royal Show (and how pigs fly)

In the 80s I was a kid growing up in Perth, arguably the most isolated city in the world. But isolated didn't mean we missed out on fun (or if we did, we didn't realise - there was no internet back then, and much less FOMO!). One of the highlights of the year was our nearly-annual chance to visit … [Read more...]

Abingdon Miniature Village, Mandurah: Kids choosing the destination in Western Australia

Edit:In 2015 the Abingdon Miniature Village closed - but in 2018 it reopened as Amaze Miniature Park! I have a theory about encouraging kids to love travel and if you let kids choose the destination - or at least make lots of choices as part of a bigger trip - then they will be a lot more … [Read more...]

5 reasons Penang is a great place to take a three-year-old child

My destination choice since I had my son has been a lot more conservative than when I was travelling in my twenties and childless thirties. Pre-child, my strategy was pretty much only to avoid war zones; but now that my precious son is coming along for the trip, I see things differently. So while … [Read more...]

Things to do in Tasmania with a toddler: Our itinerary and tips for 10 days in Tassie

Finding things to do in Tasmania with a toddler was a bit of a mystery when I was there a couple of years ago.  It turned out there were plenty of tourist attractions that were perfect for young kids but the internet didn't help me out much, so I wanted to put together a good itinerary post so if … [Read more...]

Encouraging kids to travel through a love of food

One of the best ways to encourage a love of travel, I reckon, is through the stomach. (It's not just the way to a man's heart.) My son has had a lifelong desire to go to Japan and that is definitely because he has had a lifelong love of Japanese food. How to encourage kids to eat all kinds of Asian … [Read more...]

Travelling as kids get older: Keeping my son keen on family travel

Travelling as a family and in particular, showing my son the world and encouraging a love of travel in him, is something I plan to do a lot of in the coming years. I love travelling so much and learn so much from it, both about the world and about myself, and I'm determined to pass these gifts on to … [Read more...]

Do young kids remember their travels? How to keep travel memories alive!

My son has only just turned four, but he's already been on numerous flights to ten different countries. But he's so young - will he remember these travels?Regular readers will know my parents took my sister and I campervanning around Europe for six months when we were young. I was nine, and my … [Read more...]

Travelling close to home: Camping in the Perth hills with kids

When you feel the urge to travel but have neither the time or the budget at that moment, then I often suggest taking a trip close to home. And that's exactly what I did last week, at the invitation of my clever friend who perhaps should be the travel blogger instead of me! My family and hers (she … [Read more...]

Travelling with kids: take paper, scissors and sticky-tape

Packing a suitcase half full of toys for your kids when you travel is not the answer to a peaceful trip abroad - this I have learned through trial and error over the last four years. On our trip to Penang I think I got the child entertainment packing list just right, and I thought I'd share one of … [Read more...]